Weekly Recap Sept 25 – Oct 1 2022

Heyo Ice Warriors!

With many of us busy with school and work, we’ve calmed down events now to four per week! Never the less, this week saw us battling two armies and many other exciting events! Read on to see what we were up to on Club Penguin Battleground!

Happy Jewish New Year to those who celebrate! 🥳

Happy Birthday to Snowy! 🐶💙

Nanna was promoted to Major General! Well done!

Ramen is the newest member of our High Command, Trusted Staff, Congratulations!

Hiro is now 4th in Command! Amazing job!

[EU] War vs StrawHats: Defence of North Pole

Max: 27


[EU] Truth or Dare?!

Max: 18


[US] Fall/Autumn Celebration 

Max: 24


[AUSIA] Help Force Battle + Catchin’ Waves

Max: 17


Thank you to DrQueen for helping to count size and all our amazing IW photographers! Comment below what you liked about this week!

❄️💙Love you all forever and always, remember to love yourselves 💙❄️

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