Weekly Recap September 11-17 2022

Hii Ice Warriors!

This week, Ice Warriors had an🧜‍♀️Underwater Party🌊 with a whole array of events! It was a fun-packed week with many CPAB, Roblox, Kahoots, and many other games!

A big round of applause to our Monthly Events and Gaming Division who pulled off a very successful Underwater Party Week!


Our new Trusted Staff is none other than Silver! Congratulations!

Congratulations to Ghost on Staff In Training!

Chezy was promoted to Major General! Keep up the great work!

[AUSIA] Underwater Party Kickoff

Max: 21


[EU] Shark Takeover + Roblox Sharkbite

Max: 18


[EU/US] IW Starfish vs RPF Squid

Max: 12


[EU] Finding Nemo

Max: 26


[US] Mermaid Takeover 

Max: 25


[AUSIA] Submarine Battle vs ACP 

Max: 22


Thank you to all our amazing IW photographers! Let us know below what you liked most this week!

❄️💙Love you all forever and always, remember to love yourselves 💙❄️

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