SMOTW / TOTW / ROTW: September 18th, 2022

Hello Ice Warriors!

It’s Sunday, meaning it’s time once again to look back at some of our members who stood out last week due to their dedication. Because of their hard work, they have earned the following respective titles of Troop, Staff and Recruiter of the Week.

Troop of the Week: April

Staff Members of the WeekHiro & Nanna

Recruiter of the Week: Chey

Please give a huge congratulations to April for achieving the role of Troop of the Week! She has been working extremely hard this week. From attending events, to being active in main chat, she has done it all. She also recently won the sea creature contest, so congratulations on that too! Thank you for your hard work April! 🙂

For our Staff Members of the Week, let’s give congratulations to Hiro and Nanna! Hiro and Nanna have worked really hard recently. With this week in it particular, Hiro has been extremely helpful when it comes to welcoming the troops in addition to helping them out with understanding CPAB. As for Nanna, she’s been really active, attending a solid amount of events for the week! Once again, congrats to the both of you!

Congratulations to Chey for achieving the Recruiter of the Week! He has been actively helping on recruiting around this past week. A small effort always helps, thank you Chey!

And that wraps up this weeks SMOTW/TOTW/ROTW! If you want to get one of these awesome roles, you just have to attend our events and be active in main chat! Please give a huge congratulations to everyone in the main chat! 🙂

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