Are you dumb or is you dumb? Ice Warriors response to Strawhats War Declaration

This is the Ice Warrior’s official response to the Strawhat’s cute attempt to declare war on the entire CPA community. 

Within just being around in this army community for 2+ years, there are two things that I have witnessed that make me question humanity in this community: Applebruh emote and StrawHats (SH) attempt to declare war on every army in the community. Let’s catch everyone up. On September 23rd, 2022, Templars of CP declared war on Strawhats and Mercenaries, but they didn’t accept these terms due to their “ongoing-conflict war” with Mercenaries. Keep in mind that these two armies have been at war with each other for some while now and yet, have not ONE held a single war battle between the two respective armies. As a result, they were crying say it was invalid.

However sucks to be yall because,

So in response to yall broken hearts, you knew you had no chance against TCP, Strawhats declared Ice Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation, Water Vikings, Help Force, SWAT, Army of Club Pengiun, Lime Green Army, Takis, and Among Us Army.

I must say, I commend the stupidity of your war post, and it’s funny how literally half of your land invasions are invalid. You claim all the armies in this community that we live in fear of you guys? LOL. Please. Where were you guys on the last three top tens? Either non-existent or at the bottom of the food chain.

Top Ten [September 11th, 2022 – September 17th, 2022]

Top Ten [September 4th 2022 – September 10th 2022]

Top Ten [August 28th, 2022 – September 3rd, 2022]

In your dream version of the top ten, you couldn’t even take the time to recolor the armies in their respective colors.

L + Ratio + Cope + Cry About it

This shows the lazy work among the Strawhats administration team, so Ice Warriors is expecting nothing less than a lazy performance at this week’s battle invasion. We will happily accept your cute attempt to invade us, but honestly, not even multi-logging can save you at this point. You shouldn’t underestimate Ice Warriors’ power, but here we are.

See you on Sunday at 2pm EST bring your allies… oh wait.

Don’t Freeze up!

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