Retirement of Iceyfeet1234

Ten years ago, on June 3rd, a certain someone wrote…

After 5 long years as leader of the Ice Warriors, this day has finally come. I, Iceyfeet1234, leader of the Ice Warriors, am retiring today, June 3rd, 2012.

But he never really left, did he? Now here we are in 2022, looking at yet another retirement. It is fair to say that he has influenced so many lives (#influencer). So this post is our gift for you Icey, from your leaders, staff, veterans, allies, and most importantly, friends.

Kally: It has been an absolute pleasure to be on your staff team and I don’t think I would’ve been able to stick around for as long as I did if it weren’t for you. Dumb jokes aside you always manage to cheer me up and help me, no matter the situation. I really hope you find someone new to harass with surprise VC calls though. I hope you have the bestest of retirements, with many cocktails and better date nights. This isn’t a goodbye, but thank you for everything you have done and the time you continue to invest in both IW and your friends. ❤️ you, xx

Also, I wish I were able to add the memory of you SCREECHING into my ear on VC onto wordpress when you saw me get marked as a spammer on discord. “:mommy_azaeliascream: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE KAAAALLLLYYYYYYYY!! ! !! !!!!!!” Since I don’t have access to much right now LOL here’s my fave pic of us together ❤

IceQueen: Dear Icey, happy retirement! :WOOicey: Thank you for all the support, dedication, fun and memories you’ve given to Ice Warriors in the last 15 years. For me personally, thank you for always being there for me when things were tough especially whilst I was ranking up, thank you for all the laughs even though sometimes you made me angry, I ended up laughing either way. :egp_haha: You have this way of pulling people together and making the best of situations no matter how hard it is and I admire you for that so much. However I must say you do lack in parental skills! :E6: I hope you don’t eat burnt bagels for the rest of your life and also please drink wisely or you’ll end up puking in staff chat one day instead of trusted. :krisscreams: Loads of love, IceQueen :tlwHeartsBlue: :elsa: :GlowHeart: :iceygreetings: :iwbeatingheart: P.S I’ll gladly take server ownership anytime 😁.


Freedomist: Thank you for the recruiting contest rewards and for enslaving me ig, I hope your senile self can finally learn to cook in retirement

Levelz: I wish you never invited me to iw, happy retirement!

QtBen: thank you icey for everything! icey has been helping me thrive in IW for a long time, and I can’t thank him enough. If icey weren’t there to help me with recruiting all these years, I don’t know what i’d do. now apart from IW, icey has also been a great friend. i always enjoy your terrible your mom jokes, so i’m sad to see those go. i hope you’ll still be around while you’re on retirement island tho! thank you for everything icey happy retirement!

Purple: Icey :biaicey:, thank you for everything you have done for me, if I’m where I’am right now, it’s all because of you and I’m grateful for that. The fact that you trust me to lead your army is amazing, I wouldn’t believe this will happen one day. Have a nice retirement Icey we all love you very much :bluebeat: 

Josh: I hope you have a happy retirement Icey, once again I truly want to thank you for creating this army with a community i have felt attached to for two years at this point. You’ve always been a person I’ve looked up to the moment I have made it to Staff. I’m glad you were able to watch me grow from there, and the day you promoted me to Leader in Training was the day I felt completely honored to be an Ice Warrior. Here’s to the future generations of IW succeeding. Hope you enjoy yourself well :iwsalute:

LawCorazon: Happy retirement sir Feet! I hope you can finally rest your old bones on the retirement island. You ran this army so well for so long and you really deserve a break. I will always remember you making my boring corona days full with iw work, from our first dm to now and still going. You actually taught me some skills I use in my everyday life now, which I’m very grateful for. You are the best and ik this is not really goodbye, as you will have to still appear in iw from time to time. If you would quit voice chatting with me, I would hunt you down anyway, so you can’t escape from that. Cya on the retirement island, I’ll have a bagel waiting for you! :flamez~1:

Shinde: Big Icey, thank you for staying with us for so long and letting us get to know you! You have a passion in your heart and influence others to take action. Thanks to you, many people could have fun in Ice Warriors and make new friends worldwide. You made this place so peaceful and funny. I’m glad I can call you my friend. Stay strong in real life and keep smiling all the time (one day I will try ice creams for breakfast for sure)

More like Icey owns CPA

The most secret meeting of all

Erick: Plz invite me to your Mc Donald’s Party thx.

Abi: HEY ICEY!!! mister iceyfeet1234 aka happy feet HAPPY RETIREMENT! Thanks for the opportunities u give us all in ice warriorssss, we have so many funny memories like being in a lot of behind the scenes with troops. quick go talk to him so he doesnt think its odd! And then playing snicksnack with the hcom long time ago! You’ve been a great person to everyone and i dont think I know anyone who is as committed as u, its really cool to see it. I wish u the best irl, may all ur dreams and plans come true! Make sure to eat all the yummy foods along the way. Thanks for being a friend

Kristina: ICEYYYYYYYY !!! happy retirement my guy 💪 ur a goated leader e2! and its sad to see u go but amazing all uve done for iw 🙏 uve been a rock for sm ppl, and r always fair to every staff member who needs ur help! thank u for all the ways u personally helped me while i was in iw and for taking a chance on me !! enjoy ur retirement and EAT BURNT BAGELS 4 LIFE !! iceys breakfasts >>>>>> :iceysimp:

Bex: mr feet !!! ❤ i can’t believe you’re finally retiring, i thought this day would never come. thank you so much for making me feel so welcome in the iw community, it truly got me through lockdown and i have taken away so many amazing memories from my time there. you should be so proud of what you’ve accomplished over the years – you have built a long lasting legacy and connected people across the globe. thank you for everything icey, enjoy your well earned (bagel fuelled) retirement and keep in touch ! love always, bex ❤

Madhav: Dear icey, thank you for everything you have done for me. You are one of the best and most down to earth people I’ve ever met and I’m so grateful you were giving me advice (both during the time I led and now in real life). You bring joy and humour to every situation and I love you for that. You used to troll me so hard and I would hate it but now I love it. Your supportiveness is the reason iw is still so strong. Much love bro.

Dizzy: thank you for giving me and so many people best friends that’ll last a lifetime. i’m so thankful for you and the memories you gave me, putting that into words wouldn’t possible but you know i’ll always be thankful for you and i feel lucky to know you the way i do. ❤

Crazyflame: Thanks icey for leading IW for 15th years of your life. It was fun trolling around with you and joking around. Awesome mentor to have!!!❤️❤️❤️

Snow: happy retirement old man!! Thank you for everything youve done for the army and for all the amazing memories youve given us over the years. Its hard to believe that ive known you for nearly 10 years now from when i first joined IW 💀. Im glad i got to know you a little better during the past few years cuz youre an genuinely awesome guy to talk to and i hope that continues moving forward (ive always appreciated your random DMs). I wish you all the best of luck for the future and i hope you enjoy retirement island (leave a spot for me when you get there!!) You deserve it.

Subster: ICEYFEET1234. :YOU: How dare you retire and not bring you with me on your bagel boat 😭 I know youll still be around but im gonna miss you so much 😦 While we knew each other back in 2014, we didn’t become good friends until 2020 when I rejoined IW ❤ Im really glad i could be 2ic under your leadership in IW, youre like an older brother to me, you always look out for me, encourage my graphics while slaving me away in the graphic mines :hehe: and youve supported me since day one of my return to CPA! Ive made sooooooo many fun and funny memories with you theres too many to list so ill just give you my favorites. Roblox Icequeen being one of the best memories during my time as SIT teacher 💀 and your endless Minecraft chicken army cult-thingy which you ended up slaughtering 😭 as well as the time drunkeyfeet1234 pinged all of the staff saying “help im puking” 💀 But fr if it wasnt for you being one of my favorite leaders of all time, I dont think our MC server would have even started, I probably wouldnt be designing for IW and CPAB / CPA if you didnt constantly support me and all my crazy ideas. I hope to constantly make you proud in every way possible. Thank you for everything youve done for me and for Ice Warriors. Love you so much and gonna miss your crazy antics around discord!!!! ❤️ :OLDicey~1:

Mogi: Hey Icey, I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you’ve done. Whether its creating Ice Warriors or helping me out in recruiting. I appreciate it so much. IW has really made my life a lot better, you have no idea. I owe you a lot tbh. I really appreciate you and I wanna wish you a happy retirement. Thank you for making IW, and yeah. :MogiSalute:

DelightedGoyal: Hi icey, thanks for helping me throughout my ice warriors journey! Have fun at retirement island and I wish you the very best for the future.

Cloudy: Hey icey, happy retirement day to you. It has finally come after being in IW for almost 3 years you’ve become the legend and a great leader. I’ll always remember that funny and long conversation that you read days after 😂 anyways here’s a bagel for you (includes ice) 🥯

Hunter: Hey icey, this is a message by me for you, i just wanted to let you know that whatever you have done for iw is so so amazing and all the efforts you put into it in the past 15 years! We all will make sure that your efforts don’t go waste and iw lives forever :iwsalute:, thank you for being there for me at the times when i needed it the most and thank you for giving me a lot of tips! You are one of the best leaders and I really wish you best of luck in the future. Love you icey! :iwheart:

Red: icey is a gem ❤️

Aiga: Thank you for everything Icey. Enjoy your retirement and don’t burn any bagels.

Alucard: happy retirement big man, hope you have lots of fun on retirement island with your 100,000 burnt bagels

Kapi: He was a great leader and made what our army is to this day

Mae: From the first time I met Icey, he was an old man who burned bagels. Jk jk, he was a great leader who wanted to look out for everyone. He always wants to make sure troops are welcomed. I couldn’t imagine a better creator or leader to run IW. I will definitely miss him, and his bagels. Thank you, Icey for everything you’ve done.

Silver: Dear Iceyfeet1234, Thank you for all of the hard work you have invested into the making of this army a whopping 15 years ago. I am sure I can speak for all of us when I say that you have had an impact on all of our lives through the making of one of the top CP armies out there. Personally, this community you have created has truly done some wonders to me for the past year and a half. I thank you for the hard work and effort you have taken out of your life to invest into ours. Happy retirement IceMan. Everyone here loves you and you will never be forgotten you IW Legend!! :spinningheartse: :icey: :DrQueenBang: :elsa~1: :kally: :freedomist~1::iwsalute:

Chek: Lol hi I appreciate you for creating the IW community or else none of us wouldn’t be here. I also appreciate you for giving me your line (iykwim) because levelz’s one was very dog and still is.

Mewpup: ive been here ever since feb2020 only because of playing club penguin online, there was a girl penguin advertising something ive never heard of. i didnt even know that this army has been around ever since i was 3, but its not surprising theyve been here since so long, but theyve stayed for so long. its crazy to think that one staff meeting i wanted to go to, youre announcing your retirement. talk abt timing. sucks to retire from the army u made, because you can always come back and still lead us into what army u’ve made today

Toony: Heya icey we werent rlly close or anything tbh but you were a pretty chill dude to say the least thank you so much for those random promos u gave me thru out my stay at IW I highly appericiate it so much i wouldnt have gotten SiT without those promos😭😭 Hopefully you’d have a nice time at retirement island I hope you’ll wait for me when I inevitably retire sooner or later :iwsalute~3:  everyone really cant stay playing club penguin almost everyday and managing a pretty big discord server so props to you man after all these yrs youve been in cp you can now finally retire 🙏 I wish you well icey and I hope you enjoy ur stay at retirement island with the other retired vets and other ppl. :iw_scribble_heart: :k_bearhug:

From yours truly:asalute:

Bee: Hey Icey! 

Thankyou for being such a great leader in iw, you are one of the many people who have inspired me goal in iw and to keep going for it the time that you gave me a promo back when i was a new troop meant the world to me back then. I hope the world treats you great and even if you arnt rlly leaving im goona miss you  ❤ 

Take care, Bee

Chezy: Happy retirement icey, hope you eat all the burnt bagels that you would want.

Funtime_foxyboii: Thank you icey for all you have done for ice warriors we will miss that. And thank you for the support that you have given.

Milkyway: Enjoy your retirement Icey!!! Some day we can play Tc3 Together With Rock and levelz!!!! 

Origin: I rlly love the effort icey put into ice warriors, I mean we are at 21k members, which is pretty insane :IWwaiting: + he’s very friendly to everyone BUT he should stop replying with :flamez3: istg :BandiStare:

Swirl: Im gonna miss you purring for me in vc iceykitten1234 😭😭😭😭

Giving my kitten nitro

Luna: Icey, it’s so sad to be seeing you retire! you’re very kind, funny , and a wonderful leader. I hope to still see you around the server once in awhile. lol don’t burn to many bagels! ~ Luna :Lunaheartsheep:

Amethyst: Hi icey, when I found out that you were retiring I was literally stunned. Thank you so much for making ice warriors the way it is and for giving me a great experience that I’ll never get anywhere else. We will forever be grateful for what you’ve done :yejipray: bye old man.

Saoirse: hi icey!!! thank you for everything you have done  for ice warriors and congrats for staying in the community for so long lmfaoo. ur a great guy and I wish u the best in the future ❤

Onyx: I hope he learns how to cook

Glitter: i hope your bagels burn

Dark Angel: Happy retirement icey! You’ve been great to iw and  an amazing leader!! ❤

Steffenreed: Thank you so much Icey for your hard work and dedication toward Ice Warriors, your work has given much love and happiness to others around the world. Thank you again Icey ❤

Chris : Heyyy Icey I heard you were retiring like a few days ago and was rather shocked ngl never thought i’d see a message like that but I understand that rl’s a lot more important than discord and everyone needs breaks sometimes, I never once regretted joining IW either I made a lot many friends there including you! you’ve always been a very awesome and cheerful person to not just me but everyone! you reminded me of sooo many greattt events that i’d have missed if it wasnt for you. but well anyways! I hope you come back again when you’re not that busy anymore I’ll always be waiting for your burnt bagels ofc! LOL. Take care of yourself Icey! :HeartsBlue:

Chey: icey has led this army for 15 years, that takes a lot of dedication. even if he’s retired, he’ll still be a legend in our hearts.

Madara: Hey! I jw wanted to let yk that Your hard work has lead up to this point and now you can look forward to many years of doing what you want, when you want. You’ll never be forgotten and will always live on, you’ve led amazing warriors for years now. Ur retirement is very understandable. I hope you have a good retirement party. You deserve it after all this time! (If ur looking for someone to take ur place choose ice queen btw)

Rengoku: adios

Ghost: I don’t know much about icey but i know that he is the creator of ice warriors, he is a amazing vc lead and a fun person overall.

Cloudz: Icey, thank you for creating IW. If IW didnt exist rn we wouldn’t be here. So icey thank you for creating ice warriors and have a good day! And also, ty for accepting my friend request lol 😂

Jonnie<3: old man the best leader 

BuggieFae2012: have fun in retirement land XD

Yummed:  haven;t been around this server much, but i do know this will effect the people whom do know you

Jevil: Icey,its sad to see u retire bud u made everyone happy in this server and we will miss u lad, god i am sorry idk what to type

olicrunch: Icey was very good; sad to see his retirement.

Mysticalbot: ICEYFEET rememebr that one time we became friends and i never knew you were the creator? those were golden Without you idk what am gonna do but for now good bye sussybaka

Elexonck: Happy retirement icey! It’s been great working with you over the last months/years. Your tenure in IW has truly been iconic and I wish you all the best going forward!

Link: Happy retirement to one of the oldest penguins here!!!! Holy shit dude idk how you’ve done it lmao. I know we haven’t talked a lot but you’ve always been so helpful and an overall funny and joyous dude to be around. Ice Warriors has been very very lucky to have you, and RPF as well. Thank you for all the times you’ve helped and all the BIA memories. See you when we roast the advisors for BIA christmas again aha! Enjoy your retirement Icey (pls touch some grass) -Link

Sanya: Happy retirement Icey :CHEERS: hope you have a good one and enjoy life and cooking ❤

Aaronstone: Hey Icey! Thank you so much for making me join IW back in 2009 and sucking me into this hell hole, I believe we are the last active people still in armies from that era I could be wrong though. Anyway thank you for being a mentor to me and a good friend to all the armies I have led over the years. IW under your leadership and advisement has been a force to be reckoned with for so long and I believe it will continue to be a powerhouse long after you’re gone. Enjoy retirement man we both have been doing this for too long.

Pydro: Happy retirement icey! :icey: thank you for leading iw through all these years, I hope all goes well Irl and enjoy life man :IWsalute2:

Paddy: happy retirement icey. the worst cpan admin ever. from the best cpan hj 🥵🥵

Coolguy: Iceyfeet, well what can I say that most probably hasn’t been said? I couldn’t say how long I’ve known you but you already know it’s been a hell of a long time. Where has the time gone? We’ve seen many people come into and leave the community throughout the years but you’ve been the one constant throughout, maybe not always as active as you’d have liked but I suppose you didn’t need to be. You built your army from the bottom and stuck with it and while armies may not mean much in the real world, I can bet you couldn’t be prouder of what it has become. 1 thing that I will say is despite everything, despite you being a pillar of the community, despite you having a lot on irl, despite you having your own army to take care of as well as everything else and eating ofc. you make time for a lot of people. I don’t think many people could say anything bad about you as a person. Thanks for everything Icey, I appreciate everything you’ve done for both me and the community. Knowing you, you wont stay away but I’m sure that IW is in good hands 

G90: I will always respect you Iceyfeet1234. I appreciate people like you in this community and you have personally inspired me, in the sense of sticking to one army and making it your home and being loyal to them, through all the ups and downs. Enjoy retirement you deserve it man

Candy Fox: Hey There Icey. Hope you’re Doing alright. I’ve been connected with Armies for past a year. And Yeah I just wanted to thank you for creating Ice Warriors. I truly Appreciate it. I got so many new friends from IW and I also get to know other new armies to be honest. It’s just a best experience ever. Thanks a lot for everything. Hope you have a great retirement. And Also you’re always welcomed to be the creator again when you’re all free. XD Bc everyone will be missing you from your position. We’ll Love you! ❤ Take care bestie

Crazzy: ICEYYYYYYY. Congrats on your retirement! Thank you for all the memories over the years, we couldn’t have built the empire without you. Through all the laughs, the army planning, and the squabbles we still made it. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and hope we can keep in touch ❤ Love you lots!

Superhero123, grik brother: Iceyfeet1234. The man, the legend. The grandpa of CPA, and for some considered to be the greatest army legend of all time. I don’t know if this is correct or not, what I know is that without him CPA history would be vastly different, and vastly worse as well in my eyes. You will be greatly missed. Se agapao Icey <3. 

PS: gramps :p

Max: Wishing you a happy retirement Icey! We never got the opportunity to get to know each other until we got involved with the Tournaments Committee together, I can say that since then it has been a real pleasure spending time with you and working together on many projects. My highlight was certainly the second annual Community Pride Parade, which was such a passion project for the both of us and couldn’t have turned out better. I can’t wait to do it again next year! You have a kind and good heart, something that is rare in this community. Thank you for all you have done for the community over the years, and best of luck on your next journey in life.

Fulcrum: Iceyfeet, you were an awesome friend and leader of the Ice Warriors for 15 years! I wish you the best of luck in your next adventure! Never give up and stay strong.

bye for now,

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  1. Goodbye Icey ❤ 💙💙😢😢😢😢


  2. Goodbye Icey. We will miss you. We will never forget you


  3. You are amazing creator of IW. And also thank you for all the memories over the years. happy retirement!


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