Weekly Recap: 7/31/22 – 8/6/22

Another Week, Another Weekly Recap!

This weekend, it was announced that our creator and leader, Iceyfeet1234, will be stepping down as a leader to return to an advisor position. IW prepares for transition as we celebrate a weekend full of events to honor Icey. Aside from gaining a lot of lands, lets check out to see what else IW has been doing this week.

Iceyfeet1234’s retirement event is this Sunday at 3pm EST.

Congrats to IW for placing top 3 in the TT last week!

Ice Warriors has claimed the following land this week: Snowy, Holly, Molly, Dry Ice, Hypothermia, North Pole, Server 52 & Server 53 (Names TBD)

Congrats to Maya on her promotion to 2nd in Command!

Congrats to Mogi on his promotion to Trusted Staff/3rd in Command!

Note: All non-blue counted penguins are confirmed IW Troops.

[AUSIA] IW Scavenger Hunt

Max: 19

[EU/US] IW Civil War

Max: 32

[EU/US] War/Tournament Training (+ Invasion of 131)

Max: 28

[US] PB with Water Vikings

Max: 23

[EU] Fall guys Takeover

Max: 26

[EU] Icey’s Mcdonalds Takeover

Max: 31

Thank you to IceQueen, qt Ben and Levelz for helping count the pictures!

One Response

  1. Wow! Congrats on retiring, Icey! I still regret the day I called you guys something stupid. I hope you guys arent still mad at me.


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