Misc Friday #11

Hey there Ice Guardians! Welcome back to our amazing series, which is Misc Friday and indeed, this is going to be our 11th edition of it! Well, like usual, we are going to view some of the coolest things from #fan-art, #food and #pets. With this, let’s begin our today’s article.

We are going to be starting this by taking a look at cute and adorable pets from #pets! :goo:

Here we have a dog by Eternal! aww, they look so cute.


And here we got another pet which is a cat by cupid! they are so adorable.



Now with seeing those cute and adorable pets, let us move on to the next channel which is #food! Let’s see what delicious food we get to see today.

This is a yummy Potato gnocchi made by Luna! 😋

The last channel for today would be #fan-art! Woooo, cannot wait to see those fabulous arts!

The first art is a character made by our Lieutenant General, Zen Hiro!

Blue Salamander

And the next art is an amazing painting made by our Staff in TrainingBee!

Sunrise over mountains

Hunter: What was you inspiration behind your beautiful painting? 👀

Bee: <y inspo was a beach I went to in the holidays, watching the sunset was amazing and I wanted a great memory of it, so I painted it 🙂

With that, it’ll be the end of today’s article. Hope you had a great time reading it. If you wish to get featured in one of our next Misc Fridays then make sure to post in #pets, #fan-art, #food and #iw-memes! Also make sure to attend our upcoming events as IceyFeet is retiring :(, so go react of you can attend. See you all later Ice Guardians!



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