Sunday Funday #32

What’s up Ice Warriors!

I hope you all are having a splendid start to your week. If you aren’t, then I have the perfect thing for you. I’m back with another edition of Sunday Funday with this being the 32nd edition. I wonder what will be presented to us here. Before we get any further, I’ll gladly explain how these work.

So every Sunday, a new post will be released where you can play fun games and earn snowflakes ❄️. The games you see may vary wildly both by game type and difficulty!

Okay, let’s take a look at what games we have prepared today.

To start off Sunday Funday, we have Spot the Difference. Below I have two screenshots of our one and only Silver. There are a total of 6 differences to spot on each of the pictures, can you find them all?

Picture 1

Picture 2


Following that is a Word Search puzzle. Today’s theme for the word search is Club Penguin Servers. I have listed 10 of them to find, how quickly can you find them?

Server Word Search

Server Bank


Up next will be an interesting take, I will have you guys Guess the 4th in Command. Some of our 4th in commands have been placed in this Sunday Funday and you all get to guess which they are based on the given hints.


To finish off Sunday Funday, I have another edition of Where’s Waldo, but IW. This one will be different from usual, you’ll have two event pictures presented, but you’ll have two members to search for. Click the picture so you can enlarge it.

Can you spot Aiga and Levelz?
CPAB Users: Bepo_ / Levelz

Can you spot Delighted and Freedomist?
CPAB Users: DelightedG / Freedomist


That’s going to wrap up this Sunday Funday. If you think you’re able to complete all of the games, be sure to DM me (josh🌹#5667), and you may receive some snowflakes for full completion. Keep an eye out on future events as we prepare for Legends Cup for 2022. Until next time Ice Warriors…




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