Weekly Recap: July 10th- 16th

Did someone say Banana??!?!

This week Ice Warriors hosted various themed / takeover events! How wacky were our takeovers this week? Read down below to see what we warriors were up to!

Legends Cup Preparation has begun. It’s time to start training and bring home the dub!

Congrats to DelightedGOYAL on his promotion to Trusted Staff! (3rd in Command)

Congrats to RamenBender on her promotion to 4th in Command!

Note: All non-blue counted penguins are confirmed IW Troops.

[EU] Mascot Takeover

Max: 33

[AUSIA] Troop U-Lead

Max: 24

[EU] 8-Bit Pixel Takeover

Max: 26

[AUSIA] Grapes Showdown vs. ACP

Max: 16

[EU/US] IW Minions vs. RPF Gentlemen PB

Max: 21

That’s all for ,now folks, Until next time!

Live Life from one high to another  

Thank you to Levelz, Kally & IceQueen for helping count the pictures!

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