Misc Friday #8

Hey Ice Warriors! I hope you all are doing well and welcome to another edition of Misc Friday! This is going to be our 8th Misc Friday of the series. Today, we’ll be looking into #fan-art#food and #iw-memes and featuring some of the amazing things which will hopefully make your day better. So, without further waiting, let’s dive straight into it.

We’ll be looking into #iw-memes for the first channel and work our way up!

For the memes, we have a good meme which is made by Kai


Next channel is going to be #fan-art, get ready for some wonderful arts!

We’ll start off by taking a look at the beautiful Pokémon art made by our 2nd in Command, Subster!


Next up, we have another great piece of art made by Hiro!

Absolutely amazing! Cannot wait to see more fan-art from you all!


Our last channel for today is going to be #food, cannot wait to see those delicious food items, yum!

Firstly, we have a Bubble Tea which looks so tasty by our Leader, IceQueen!

Bubble tea 🧋

Next, we have some delicious food on the plate by our 4th in Command, Alu!

Hunter: This looks very delicious, what all things do we got on the plate here?

Alu: Buffalo Chicken and Oven Chips.

Hope you both share some of it with me.


With seeing all of those amazing things today, we’ll be finishing up for this week’s article. Hope you all had fun and enjoyed reading it. If you wish to get featured in one of our Misc Friday’s, then make sure to post in #fan-art#food, #pets and #iw-memes to get a chance. Do keep an eye on our upcoming events, #🟡┃minions-takeover and make sure to react if you will be able to attend it. See you all later!



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