Trivia Thursday #68

What’s good Ice Warriors!

First of all, I hope all of you are both enjoying your week so far and having an amazing July! Can’t wait to see what else this month has in store for the IW community. I’d like to welcome you guys back to the 67th edition of Trivia Thursday! I honestly find it crazy how there have been so many editions of this column already.

Anyways, I want to give a big congratulations to DelightedGOYAL on getting all the answers to last week’s Trivia Thursday right (and also his very recent promotion to 3rd in command!) Give him a massive congrats if you haven’t done so already. Now, before we go right into this week’s questions, let’s have a brief look at the answers from last week’s article!

1) IW currently has 4 LITs.

2) Prideful Penguin

3) IW have battled way too many armies to list here- but our most recent practice battle was with the Revolutionaries

4) False.

5) Live life from one high to another.

Now that we’ve looked at the answers, let me quickly explain how the rules of Trivia Thursday generally work! For every Trivia Thursday article, there will be around 5-6 questions for you to answer, all of which are related to general knowledge or history about IW which you can dig up on either the IW Discord or the website. These questions will range from regular who/what/when/where questions to other types like true or false, fill-in-the-blank and multiple-choice! If you manage to correctly answer all these questions, you’ll be earning some easy Snowflakes which you can use to buy some cool roles on the #shop channel. Let’s dive into the questions for this week!

1) During our CPAB events, what is the name of the bomb tactic where we keep running up and down?

2) Name two Staff Members whose name starts with the letter A.

3) Name any IW Champion from the year 2009.

4) True or False: Cloudy was our most recent Recruiter of the Week.

5) _____ is the rank where you get GIF perms on the IW Discord.


That wraps this week’s Trivia Thursday article! Think you can get all of these questions right? Have a shot at it and go send your answers in the comments section below! I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s questions. As always, don’t forget to react to our upcoming events for this week! Our next event that’s coming up is our AUSIA takeover event with ACP tomorrow on #ausia-takeover-with-acp so make sure to be there if you can show up! Have a great week Ice Warriors!


Ice Warriors Forever!

6 Responses

  1. 1: waterfall bomb, 2: alu,


  2. can’t think of another name, 3: don’t know, 4, false, 5: warrant officer


  3. 1. Waterfall bomb
    2. Aiga and Alu
    3. Honkzo
    4. False
    5. Warrant Officer


  4. 1.) Waterfall Bomb Tactik
    2.) Subster and Alu
    3.) Honkzo
    4.) False
    5.) Warrant Officer


  5. OOPS. Aiga!!! NOT Subster XD


  6. 1. Waterfall
    2. Aiga and Alucard
    3. LionP
    4. False – maya was
    5. Warrant Officer

    Note for IWNC – maybe make the trivia answers be sent in dms so that people can’t just copy answers from recent submissions?


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