Trivia Thursday #67

Hello Ice Warriors!

It’s time for another Trivia Thursday this week, we’re having the 67th edition! Congrats to Cloudy & Delighted on getting all (some) of them right 👏. Don’t forget that you can get snowflakes by just answering the trivia questions, but make sure they’re correct. Before we get into this week’s questions, let’s see what are the answers for last week’s Trivia Thursday.

1) Alucard, Trails, Silver, HeadChicken
2) 30
3) S Cargo2
4) June 26th- Hilal
5) False- He got promoted at 19th of June

Now we get that aside, let’s move on to this week’s questions :E5:. First of all, we’ll have around 5 questions you need to answer. There will be various questions, from short answers, multiple-choice, and fill in the blanks. Getting all the answers correct in the comment, you’ll get snowflakes and you can buy roles with it in the #🏦┃shop. And here are the questions:

1) How many people are currently LiT (Leader in Training)?

2) Which one was the last limited role in the server?

A. Ice Cupid   B. Prideful Penguin   C. Paddy’s Ice Shamrock   D. Halloween Ruler

3) Name one army that we had for a PB event

4) True or False: We had a themed event last week that includes Fortnite

5) Fill in the blank: ____ ____ from one high to another- DrQueen


And that’s it, are you able to answer them all? Don’t forget to put it in the comments section and see if got all of them correct on the next Trivia Thursday! Check out our upcoming event, #🗓️┃battle-vs-revs. And peace out!



One Response

  1. 1. 4
    2. B – Prideful Penguin
    3. PB With Revolutionaries
    4. False :sob: fn takeover when
    5. Live Life


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