Sunday Funday #31

Hello Ice Warriors!

Sunday Funday is finally back after a long time! For this week’s Sunday Funday, you’ll be having 3 games to receive the snowflakes. Make sure you complete all of them and DM me the answers. Without further waiting let’s see what we’re having…

The first game we’re having is Maze! Find your way out without interfering floppa and applebruh😱

Click to enlarge

Next up is Find the Difference. Highlight/circle 5 things that is different between the two pictures

Click to enlarge

The last game is a Word Search, there will be 10 words you need to find in the word search box.

Word Search

Word box


That will be it for Sunday Funday! Did you complete them all? DM to Cloudy512#8777 to submit the complete answers, if they’re wrong sadly you can’t get the snowflakes. Keep an eye out for the new posts and our event. And peace out!



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