Create your best Black Friday themed penguin look on any CPPS of your wish! Who’s gonna beat the queues and get the best deals! Let’s find out!



This contest will have TWO winners! One will be picked by the judges, and the second one will be chosen by community vote!

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Sub Zero Standard #4 [11/22/20-11/28/20]

Hey Ice Warriors family,

Welcome back to the weekly Sub Zero Standard! This week marked the beginning of the Christmas Chaos tournament, which we have been preparing and training for! Keep reading for a brief recap of this fun week! ❤

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Super Showdown: Golds vs Chaos [EU / US]

Venimus Vidimus Vicimus & Here Comes Chaos!

Waddup warriors, today we logged on Wool Socks for our Super Showdown, which the teams were two old and legendary armies.. Golds vs Chaos!

It was an amazing battle, we proved to be really strong once more. Thanks for everyone who came! Get ready for the next big events coming…

Max: 67

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A Peek into our Minecraft Server

Hey Ice Warriors! As you may know, we have a Minecraft server for our troops, which was created by Subster, with the help of Iceyfeet, DrQueen, Turbotankz, Mordie, Kally, Mae, and Snow the 2nd. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to play on our server but I’m here to help with an exclusive inside look into the server!

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Christmas Chaos X: 1st Round vs GT [EU/US]

Greetings Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Alaska for the first round of Chirstmas Chaos against the Golden Troops! After three exciting rooms we were able to win by 3-0! Congratulations to all, let’s keep aiming for more!

Max: 56

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Black Friday Fever

Hi there penguins!

Yesterday we spent amazing time on Alaska by celebrating one of the most famous and full of promotions day – Black Friday. As a professional promotion hunters we lightingh quicly changed rooms and searched for the best thnings to buy! I hope everyone got what they wanted and no one got hurted!

=== max penguins online: 50 ===

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Fan Art Friday #5

Hi Ice Warriors!

Hope you all had an amazing week thus far. As it is Friday, it is time to showcase some of the amazing artistic abilities from our fellow Ice Warriors. We truly have some incredible artists, keep posting and you might get featured one day!

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Ausia practice battle v.s. Skateboards

Hello lovely Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto Klondike to practice battle with one of the best s/m army Skateboards. Our AUSIA division have not let us down and once again did a perfect performance even tho the game crashed during the event. Great job ladies and gentlemans! Another victory for Ice Warriors!

Huge thanks to Skateboards for showing up and shout out to judges! We also love you much!

===max penguins online: 43 ===

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