Practice Battle with Help Force and New Leader

Hello Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Alaska for a practice battle with our blue-allies Help Force. Maxing 67 penguins online, fast tactics and amaziing formations gave us a clean victory (3 – 0 – 0). Good job guys, you were perfect as always. Huge shout out to our friends from Help Force who cannot wait for another event with us!

After the victory there was an extraordinary moment. Our brave and amazing Leader in Training and very close friend get promoted to the Ice Warriors Leader. Congratulation @erickthelegend! Believe in yourself because we believe in you!

If you missed those guys, check pictures below and also remember to check our next events on discord!

That’s all guys! Remember to come this weekend for our 3 events! It will be huge fun! Much love ❤

Practice Battle with Silver Empire [3-0 Victory]

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto CP Armies ALASKA for a fun practice battle with the Silver Empire! Our troops had a great time battling it out and our IW Leaders In Training took the lead on tactics today! We won the practice battle with a clean sweep: 3-0 for all rooms! Amazing job to all warriors who attended!

===== Max: 58 ====





Incredible job to everyone who attended, and a massive thank you to Silver Empire for practice battling us- let’s do it again sometime soon ❤ ❤ !!!

Make sure you check out #friday-event-information and #shindes-last-battle to join in on the fun again ❤ . In the meantime- DON’T FREEZE UP!


Ice Warriors Internet Safety Tips

Hey there Ice Warriors!

The Internet Safety and the Wellbeing of our troops is one of the top priorities of the Ice Warriors Leadership and Staff team. We want you to be safe and happy in our community. This post will be sharing some very important tips with you regarding internet safety and how to safely play with us online!

First, please make sure that you are following all Discord Terms of Service when chatting in the Ice Warriors server. The official Discord TOS information can be found here.

Here is a list of tips that can help you be safe online:

Here is a list of tips that can help you be safe online: 

  1. Do Not Share Personal Information – Although we are all a family in Ice Warriors, it is important that you do not share your personal and private information online.  This includes your: full name, address, family member’s names, social media accounts, passwords, photos/ videos/ recordings of yourself or family, or any other personal information. 
  2. Do Not Meet Up With People You Meet Online – This can put you in real-life danger, as sometimes people are not who they say they are.
  3. Do Not Click on Suspicious Links – If someone you do not know or trust sends you link, please do not click on it. Suspicious links can grab information about you from your computer. Discord server links such as or are safe and cannot hurt you or your computer, but please be wary of links that take you outside of discord.
  4. Do Not Download Anything – Make sure you do not download anything that anyone sends you online. This will make sure that no one can get any personal information from your computer. 
  5. Make Sure Your Internet Connection is Protected – If possible, always use a VPN when playing online. VPNs can protect your I.P. Address and other sensitive information on your computer. There are many free VPNs that you can get online. If you have any questions on how to get a free VPN make sure to message an IW Leader. 
  6. Be Safe in Voice Chats – Voice Chatting (VC) is very popular in the Ice Warriors server, however, it is important to be safe while chatting with others. On discord, you have the ability to begin a video chat when in a VC, do not do this, as it will allow strangers on the internet to see what you look like.
  7. Do Not Accept Friend Requests from People You Do Not Know – Make sure that you only accept friend requests from people you know and trust online! Also, do not send friend requests out to people that you do not know.

Always remember to be kind to each other online. If you have any questions about how to practice internet safety or are having any internet safety issues, reach out to any Ice Warriors Leader or Staff Member for help!

We care about you and want you to be safe!

Love you all,

-Alexandra, Ice Warriors Leader

-IceQueen, Ice Warriors Third-In-Command


Hello Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Alaska where we held a practice battle between our divisions – Blizzard and Polar. Todays event was judged by our close friends: Noa, Spotty and Chaos. Thank you guys for your time, you are the best <3. Also congrats to IW Polar (max. 21) who won with IW Blizzard (max. 20). Total max. = 43 penguins online!

Thank you guys for coming! Remember to prepare for our next battles vs Silver Empire (Wednesday) and Help Force (Friday). Stay frosty with our discord. Much love!


Hi guys!

Someone may ask ‘36 leaders? How is it even possible?‘. With Ice Warriors everything is possible! Today we had AUSIA U-Lead training during which all 36 penguins online led their own tactics! Amazing job guys! Once again Ice Warriors proved that we can fight togheter and vibe together!

If you missed that event scroll down to see pictures below and check todays tactics!

That’s all guys! Make sure you can come to our next event today! Also remember to wish @goldenflame64 happy birthday on #main-chat.


Hello Ice Warriors!

Today we had a practice battle with two armies – Templars of Club Penguin and Reacon Federation of Club Penguin. During that friendly and funny event we maxed 50 penguins. Good job guys! Also huge shout out to Clindsz and DrQueen for voice-leading! If you couldn’t attend, check pictures and information below.

Thank you for coming guys! Get ready for our next fun-subdivisions-event! Come tomorrow and spend a great time with us! Much love ❤

U-Lead Templars Practice Battle

Hey there Ice Warriors,

Earlier this week we logged onto CP Armies ALASKA for a fun U-LEAD Event for our troops! During the event we practice battled the Templars, this gave our troops a great experience to lead during a real battle! Everyone had a great time being an “Ice Warriors Leader for the Day” and commanding our troops. Huge thank you to the Templars for battling us!

In case you missed out on the fun- make sure to check out the event photos below!

===Max: 62===

Make sure to check out #events-information so you can attend our next big event! We will be practice battling a MYSTERY ARMY! We hope you can join us!

Love you all,

End of Summer prom & awards

Hey there Ice Warriors!

With the end of summer and everyone going back to school the Ice Warriors leadership have decided to host the Ice Warriors Prom and our very own Awards Ceremony! so get your dates at the ready and prepare for a fun night with the Ice Warriors. They don’t have to be in Ice Warriors!



Times: 4PM EST – 3PM CST – 2PM MST – 1PM PST – 9PM UK

Server: Alaska

Room: Ice Berg


Best Event

1. Flamez Golden Mop Event
2. Legends Cup Semi Finals vs RPF
3. Monkey Event (Bens Retirement event)
4. Agent 11’s Retirement Event
5. Madhav’s Retirement Event

Best War

1. The Badboy war: IW, CPPA, Golds, DW, AK vs SWAT, DCP, Elites, Royals, Athletes
2. IW vs DCP: July 2020 (the one where they ran away)

Best VC Leader

1. Regan
2. Shinde
3. Alex
4. Panini
5. Josh
6. Kala
7. Lvna
8. Barry

Best Quote

1. I am Alberto – Alberto

2. can someone please explain to me how I joni? – Alex


4. I was a really fat child, and then I got fatter (kally: Did you stop eating tayto sandwiches?) I said I got fat not stupid – Regan

5. Catch these hands noobs – Icey

6. GET REGAN OUT :annoyed: – Tomaro

Class Clown

1. Orange
2. Chris
3. Aly
4. Regan
5. Iceyfeet1234
6. Dingle/ Legoman

Brightest Bulb

1. Da Best
2. Pizza Gang
3. Deryk
4. Tomaro
5. Snilly
6. KingMikey.

Party Animal

1. Panini
2. Regan
3. Agent 11
4. Flamez
5. Dizzy
6. Madhav 2

Biggest Simp

1. Morde
2. Agent 11
3. Iceyfeet1234 (for recruits)
4. Mare
5. Aly
6. Trinity

Best allied leader

1. Crazzy [RPF]
2. Cosmo [RPF]
3. Noa [DW]
4. Julia [DW]
5. Spotty [DW]
6. Freezie [DW]
7. Megann [DW]
8. Ganger90 [SWAT]
9. Tistle [HF]
10. Barney [HF]

Funniest moment

1. Turning IW into Bikini Bottom
2. Snail alliance ends CPO
3. The night we dropped our glasses
4. Making DCP run out of the league

Proudest Moment

1.Winning March Madness against DW
2.Defeating ACP in Legends Cup
3.Formation of BIA and invasion of Summit

To vote please copy and paste the ballet with your answers and DM it to a member of the voting committee which are
* Regan#1916

For your vote to be valid you need to fill out every category with one of the nominees, please do not put anyone that isn’t nominated as your vote will not be counted. ONE VOTE PER PERSON! We have ways of finding out the cheaters.

Best Event:
Best War:
Best VC Leader:
Best Quote:
Class Clown:
Brightest Bulb:
Party Animal
Biggest Simp:
Best Allied Leader:
Funniest Moment:
Proudest Moment:

You will have until Saturday the 12th September at 6:59pm EST to send in your votes, any votes sent after this will not be counted. Results will be announced on September 13th not long before our prom event. May the best nominee’s win!