RPF win the first 3.

Edit: Here are some pics of us chasing RPF, but then… the end pic… is well… wtf? And there were yellow tuba people running around cp…. It was definetly a chaotic battle lol.

IW chase RPF to IceBurg

Chased to Snowforts, there were alot of others but i didnt take pics

Here... IW logged off and then came back and... well ... wtf?


Yes guys, the title says it. RPF won the first 3 defences. But, when i say that… it sounds like we got beaten in combat? No actually, we didnt get beaten. We got outsmarted and we underestimated RPF for who they can be. For the first time in a LONG time, IW got 35+ on cp. So how did we lose? Well… we were way TOO big. That sounds a little weird, but let me explain.

The RPF didnt show up with much at all. About 5-10 RPF scattered around the server. While the Ice Warriors scouted for them all around, we kept finding them and they kept running. When Rpf was no longer in sight, IW went to town and recruited. 5 minutes later we log off. Then, an IW told me, that RPF are taking rooms? Apparently, RPF did take 6 major rooms, right under our noses. This may seem like a cheap victory for RPF, but its a victory that counts. Sadly enough IW lost  because we got outsmarted. You guys were good on cp and we owned. But we just didnt have the brains.

But now, we will not be outsmarted again. From now on, were gonna be more cautious with the RPF. Even if we have 30 and RPF have 10, we will stay on.  Also, later on next week, we will be invading Parka and Thermal again (info to be posted later). You guys did good but we lost.

Dont be mad because IW was the best i have ever seen this month. Dont forget that we also have more events in the post above this one.


~Gill1097 IW4ic~


20 Responses

  1. 2nd


  2. Yesh , Yesh indeed ~3rd~


  3. 4th


  4. 4th!


  5. Make that 5th (dhat)


  6. 7th i was there its a shame we lost


  7. Gill, I am proud of you. You are ONE of the only people I know in CP warfare that actually admits defeat when most would say “ZOMG SO WE’Z WUZZ ZO MUSH BIGGAA!!1!11!SHIFT!1!!” Thank you for being honest


  8. gill you did well no other leader could be botherd to come imagine if you dident come we’d of been screwed so well done


  9. I was there, and when we moved to the town, I found them in their igloo. They said they were having a party even though they lost =/.


  10. Thankz guys lol


  11. You are truely a noble enemy gill, I appriciate that.

    -Dj, Rpf 3ic


  12. i was there for a part of it


  13. […] then the seemingly impossible was confirmed. Gill1097 of Ice Warriors posted on their site HERE admitting defeat, and saying: Yes guys, the title says it. RPF won the first 3 defences. But, when […]


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