Fan Art Friday #55

Happy Friday Ice Warriors!

How’s everyone this week? Hope it’s been going well. If you’re having exams soon, good luck! Anyways, as you can see from the title it’s time for another Fan Art Friday. I’ve been seeing a lot of artworks currently, let’s see some of them and interview the artists!

First up, is from our IW Veteran Roman. He made a drawing of a flower and only consists of the color black and white.

Cloudy: I love the drawing that you made here, do you have any inspiration during the process?

Roman: I wanted to draw another flower picture for a while and a few days ago, someone I knew sent me a shadow of their hand holding the flower so I redrew it adding the hand at the bottom with the flower for a challenge.

The Next artwork is from our Corporal First Class Charizard! She made her characters that you might see frequently in #fan-art, valentines edition ❤


Cloudy: Great artwork you did during valentines day! How long do you usually take for this kind of drawing?
Charizard: Oof, it took me a while to finish that drawing tbh >.>
Cloudy: How long? Hours, days?
Charizard: I think it took me like a few minutes to make that, I think.

The third one will be our famous artist in IW, Skylor! She has made an animation of Eeve walking. You can see the full progress on her work of #fan-art. Here is her most recent progress on the animation:

Last on my list is our Staff Suation, he made a drawing of 3 objects. He drew this for a year! Such dedication 🙌
Cloudy: Wonderful drawing you made here! But, I may need more context. Can you tell me more about it?
Suation: So like the orange is well uh Orange our advisor and the melon is Melonz because uh melon and the avocado is Crisy because #iceyavocado.

And that is it for this week’s Fan Art Friday :D. If you want to share your work and even be featured on our website, go ahead to #fan-art and upload your artwork, it would be awesome you can share with our IW Discord members. Last but not least is a reminder about our events, we’ll be having the Ausia Arena Finals very soon, so go and react if you can attend #🏆┃ausia-arena-tourney #📅┃ausia-event-information and of course our #🏅┃iw-winter-olympics that is still going. And peace out!

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