What did we do wrong?

Ok. If ACP is really not worthy of accepting a defeat, I will have to prove it.

5 rooms that TG took with the 5 required soldiers (there are a few other rooms, but only 5 are needed)

We did not break any rules, we did nothing wrong. According to Skloop,

“So, in my opinion, if two armies are invading, at least one of them need to claim 5 rooms.”

TG claimed 5 rooms, we won. No arguing. Its done. IW won. Lol I rhymed




69 Responses

  1. ACP can suck my mexican dick. No offense to ACP but you are all gay.. no offense.


  2. So if TG did claim 5 rooms (which they did not, giving my reason soon) than TG has won Sub Zero. Not IW…

    Picture 1: Claimed.
    Picture 2: Claimed.
    Picture 3: Failed to Claim.
    Picture 4: Claimed.
    Picture 5: Failed to Claim.
    Total Claimed: 3/5.

    Why did they not Claim those two? Well for the first one they did nothing in it; Basically went into the room, took a picture and than went to the next. That is not claiming anything. Claim is a verb, you have to do it. Second Picture, not 5 Soldiers meaning no claiming what-so-ever. Also, Sanchivas is wearing yellow; Technically not all of TG.


  3. *why can’t we be friends*


  4. IKR -.-


  5. Yup It’s clear ACP won 😀


  6. ACP are a bunch of gaywads… IW and TG won for sure and there is no rule that states that you can’t sneak around and claim rooms. TG claimed the rooms legally and I don’t see anything wrong with that.


  7. One more thing stop whining they RPF did it, it was against the rules (or at least unfair) for them to do it, and just because they did it doesn’t mean you have any right to do it.


  8. I have noticed an increasing amount of “Hate Comments”. ACP will stop immediatly; I would like onlyACP Leaders to Comment if they feel it is needed!


  9. So now only the high ranked noobs will be commenting? 😆

    The only difference between you and the other ACP noobs, is you can post on the ACP website.


  10. fair play we won clearly


  11. lol, nobody responded to my comment… or did I just proove you wrong?


  12. Well one mchappy is right about there is no sneaking and CPAC said ACP won so bak off queers!


  13. Just going to ignore all these comments above Acp or Acp. You know your probably going to say they weren’t in the “rules.” Well if what we say are in the rules then everything you say is in the rules 😕

    I’ll take you in Acp’s point of view. 1. We attacked the Ice Warriors in the town about more then half of us were in the town as head General Klug was leading there.

    2. Along with me and about 10-12 other Acp. we went out looking for Tg. Most of these rooms Tg hurried up and took a pic before Acp can get there. So think of this- TG is in a room and Acp comes a minute after due to scouting to find them. TG hurries and leave the room and goes to another room and before any Acp can find and fight the TG they said “We claim this room” and took the pic. That is what you see in those pictures. Yes I will say it, bold it if you want it to, TG did take 5 rooms. But! They automatically lost the room after Acp came in right after them and there were no TG in the room again. So how do you win at that?

    3. TG never foght back. The reason to invade a server wasn’t it to fight for it back. Running around different rooms and beating the enemy there to take a pic before they get there is . . . well not fair. Acp however, Acp bombed and threw snowballs at TG when we found them.

    This is Acp’s point of view. Now most of Iw will probabaly comment after this and say Acp is gay and retarted blah blah blah. Think about this first, I could have came here and went along and yelled and argued with you, but I dont do that. My teacher always says “The emptiest wagon is always the loudest.” Look it up to see what it means.

    Sorry for the long comment once again 😦


  14. Guess what my brings the boys to the yard.

    Yes, thats right.

    My milkshake does.


  15. I’m sure you wouldn’t be saying that if your army won.


  16. I find it ironic that the ACP soldiers that have ranks like Sergeant and Private and they depend like their life that ACP wins.


  17. ❤ How you deleted my comment.


  18. Yeah but We fought u guys and claimed those rooms BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. Woot go team gold




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