[UK] Training Event

UK Events

Hello Ice Warriors! Yesterday, we had an amazing training event where we maxed sizes of over 30+! We haven’t had a UK event in a long time, but after adding all of our UK troops to a kik group and hyping this event from the start of the week, we were able to come back with an amazing event.

Screenshot 2015-10-29.6

We will be scheduling similar UK events on Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week, and we hope to achieve even better sizes.

If you attended this event, make sure you comment below with your name on ranks so you can receive your promotion. If you haven’t been added to the ranks yet, please be patient as we’ve been unable to update the ranks as much as usual.

Screenshot 2015-10-29

Screenshot 2015-10-29.4

Screenshot 2015-10-29.3

Screenshot 2015-10-29.2

Screenshot 2015-10-29.8

Screenshot 2015-10-29.7


Sir Pj

IW 2ic

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