March Madness Finals vs ACP [EU]

We Are The Champions

Before I begin with this post, we all already know the results of this tournament so, let’s appreciate our beautiful trophy as the March Madness Champions 2021.

Today we logged on Crystal for one of the biggest battles of the year, winning this tournament for a second consecutive time. Sadly, we didn’t battle our brother allies RPF due to CPAHQ taking the decision of giving the win to ACP (which we don’t agree but ok), so for today we battled the Army of Club Penguin.

After three rooms and an overtime room, we were able to win by 2-1-1! Awesome job all Ice Warriors, we have truly proved to be the superior army once again, let’s keep it going, stay frosty!

Max: 100+

Battle Pictures

(We couldn’t take many sadly)


(We all know how it ended but here is the summary)

Awesome job guys, we worked hard for it and it all came back to us. We’re not over yet though, we have many upcoming things for this year, this is just the beginning. Make sure to check our our Discord for the next events!

Ice Warriors, March Madness Champions 2021

Don’t Freeze Up

Erick09 & the IW’s Leadership / Advisors

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