Meme of the Week: Burnt Bagels

Whether you’re new to Ice Warriors or know about this meme already, something that’s mentioned in the chat quite often is Iceyfeet’s breakfast. Now, a lot of people have heard of this daily breakfast snap series, while some have even had the pleasure of seeing it themselves. Most of the time, these breakfasts include items such as bagels, eggs, chocolate, ice cream, bacon, waffles, and more! 

If you have yet to see one of Iceyfeet’s incredible breakfasts, here’s a sneak peek into what a typical morning in Icey’s igloo looks like!

There’s one thing, though, that most of his breakfasts have in common. Burnt bagels. This may seem familiar to you, as it’s something that does get mentioned in the chat quite often!! If you ever do see someone mentioning burnt bagels, it’s most likely they’re referencing Sir Feet himself!

At first, you may consider a burnt bagel to be nothing more than a sad trip to the rubbish bin. Though after careful consideration, look no further than a daily breakfast picture, from the creator of Ice Warriors himself, to find that there’s a lot more to a burnt bagel than what meets the eye! It’s a collaborative joke, that helps to bring the chat together and laugh at something that makes sense to us all!

So then, what’s so funny about Icey’s bagels? Well, almost every single one is burnt. If you’re one of the slight few that does get his breakfast snaps, you know what I’m talking about. Whether it be mini Eggo waffles, or the traditional bagel, there’s always something that goes south on Icey’s plate.

Next time you see someone mention breakfast, or the sight of Icey’s burnt bagels, make sure to chime in and have fun with it! Maybe, even you’ll have a couple of burnt bagels of your own. If not that, I’m sure Icey would be more than willing to share some of his very wise breakfast tips with you!

the show must go on!


Ice Warriors Staff

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  1. great first post nini! horrible burnt bagels tho :/ :E8:

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    Liked by 2 people

  3. Nice article Trinity!! Good job

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