Ice Warriors Food-Fight Battle vs Secret Service [EU/US]

Hey Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Alaska for an special event! The Ice Warriors present…. The Food-Fight battle with an invited army… the Secret Service!

Today we had a three-way battle, Apples vs Oranges vs Secret Service! After three exciting rooms, it ended with the results declaring a tie between the Apples and Oranges! Amazing job from both and hope you had fun. Thanks to all who came to this event! Stay tuned for more big things coming…

Max: 56

Results + Summary:

Battle Pictures:

Once more, thanks to those who came and I’d like to remind you all that our next event will be really important since it’s an invasion! Promotions for tier 1 ranks and snowflakes to everyone will be given for attending!

Make sure to click #event-information channel for our Invasion of Parka against the Army of Orient Seas this Monday!!

Kings Never Die

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