Invasion of Shiver [AUSIA] RESULTS!

Well done once again warriors!

Today we logged on Alaska for our invasion against the Water Vikings, proving that we won’t let anyone go against our brother allies nor our colonies and friends. And once more, our AUSIA has proved to be really strong!

Later than three rooms of battling, we managed to win with a score of 3-0, winning all rooms and the battle. Even though we destroyed them, it was a fun battle to watch and have some fun.

AUSIA Max: 54

Results + Summary:

Battle Pictures!

Make sure to click #food-fight-battle channel for our Food Fight Battle ft Apples vs Oranges!! (Pick one side and work as a team to get the victory!)

Make sure to click #event-information for our Mystery November Event this Monday!!

Kings Never Die

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  1. Amazing!


  2. This Is Awesome :iwsalute:


  3. amazing iw ausia!


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