The Sub Zero Standard #1 [11/01/20 – 11/07/20]

Hey Ice Warriors!

Welcome to the first edition of the weekly Sub Zero Standard! The first week of November is already over, and what a week we had, seven events, multiple game nights and a bunch of fun! Let’s get right to it!


[AUSIA] Final Halloween Showdown: Candy Apples vs Pumpkins

AUSIA Max: 51

For Sunday’s AUSIA event, we logged on to CpArmies Alaska for our final round of the Halloween Showdown to celebrate the end of Spooky season! This time, it was Candy Apples versus Pumpkins! And the winners were….

The Candy Apples!

U-Lead Training

Max: 50

For Sunday’s second event, we logged on to CpArmies Alaska once more for a fun troop u-lead! We saw a bunch of new and creative forms and tactics, each one funnier than the last!

Fast & Furious Car Takeover

Max: 47

On Monday, the Ice Warriors logged on to CpArmies Alaska for a fast and furious inspired car takeover! Thankfully, the CPAH police had been distracted by our nearly perfect tactics, and we were able to host an illegal car race! Sadly, not everybody made it, but the final winner was…


Divisional Practice Battle #1

Max: 50

For Tuesday’s event, we logged on to CpArmies Alaska for a good-old divisional battle between Blizzard and Polar! Although there were many funny and creative roasts, only one division could win…


Day off: Fun / Game Night

On Wednesday, the Ice Warriors had a day off from training and battling, and we held a game night instead! The night started with some intense rounds of Among Us. After that, we watched Spirited Away, our LiT Law’s favourite! After that, we all joined Iceyfeet1234’s private Freeze Tag server on Roblox! What a relaxing evening…

Divisional Practice Battle #2 with Wild Ninjas

Max: 61

Two days after the first battle, the Polar division demanded for revanche! We logged on to CpArmies Yeti for another battle, and were joined by the Wild Ninjas! The battle was fierce, but sadly Polar didn’t get the win they were hoping for, and the winning division was once more…


[AUSIA] Tactics Training

AUSIA Max: 35

On Friday, we showed off our extremely stronk AUSIA warriors! We logged on to CpArmies Alaska for some training. After 10 minutes, the game suddenly shut down for a lot of our troops, forcing us to end the training early! Salute to all of you who attended anyway!

(Something that CpArmies did anyway)

Staff U-Lead Training

Max: 54

Our last event of the week was a fun staff u-lead! Our amazing staff team put on a brilliant performance, showing us many fun and innovative forms and tactics! Thank you!

Promotions, SMOTW & TOTW

Among many troop promotions, this week we also celebrated two Staff promotions and our weekly Staff and Troop of the Week!

Abi and Roman were promoted to Staff! 

This week’s Staff of the Week was Blushock!

And our Troop of the Week: Krosive!

Make sure to congratulate all four of them if you haven’t already!

Highlight of the Week

The first week after Halloween was filled with a spooky amount of events and an even spookier amount of posts! We learned the meaning of Oil, got to know our LiT Kally, found out what the “Ben Special” is, read the story of The Boy in Blue Shorts, and also saw some amazing fan art!

Yet we all agreed on our highlight of the week:

Don’t Step on Black Ice! 

Following war declarations from our BIA allies, we released a support post, if you haven’t read it yet, check it out here. The Power Rangers are ready 😉


This wraps up this week! What was your favourite event? Let us know in the comment section below!

Make sure to check out #events-information for our next events! Until next week…



Ice Warriors Leader in Training

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