Who’s Breakfast is Better? Kally’s or Iceyfeet’s?

Hello Ice Warriors! Avocados, burnt bagels, what do these have in common? They are the favorite breakfast foods of two of our leaders, Kally and IceyFeet1234! But, who’s breakfast is more favored over the other? Keep reading to find out!

There is no doubt that two of the best breakfast-makers in IW are definitely Iceyfeet and Kally, but who’s breakfast is better? First, we had Chevy and Subster start a debate over which is better and why.

Chevy’s Argument: Kally’s Breakfast is Far More Superior

First, let’s take a look at Kally’s amazing breakfast. Sadly, a lot of IW’s members-only see Iceyfeet’s breakfast. Kally deserves some credit for making just as an amazing breakfast as Icey, even if she’d rather feed Holly than her 5 kids. Just like Iceyfeet, Kally has a favorite thing that she likes to make: avocados! Yum! Wouldn’t you rather have avocados more than burnt bagels? #kallybreakfastsupporters unite! I personally don’t like my food to be burnt, and I doubt you guys would either! This is why Kally’s breakfast is far more superior to Icey’s.

Avocado Family Forever!

Subster’s Argument: Icey’s Breakfast is Better

Kally’s breakfast may look extremely fancy and delicious but who can deny the classic breakfast bagel and its extra crispy burnt taste? Despite Iceyfeet1234 having ice in his name, you can always rely on him for some steaming hot bagel in the morning. Everyone enjoys a good bagel, especially Icey’s famous plain burnt bagels. Anyone who likes avocados has no desire for true flavor! Burnt Bagels > Avocado Toast forever. 

Is this for me?

But, what do other members think? Our trusted staff, Josh, conducted a poll of 10 people to ask for their take. The votes are listed below.

Icey’s Breakfast: 5 Votes

Kally’s Breakfast: 5 Votes

The votes are a tie! So, after hearing both Chevy’s and Subster’s debate and the outcome of this poll, who do you think won? It’s up to YOU to decide who’s breakfast is better! Feel free to comment your thoughts on this as well as your own personal favorite breakfast down below or in our Discord! That’s all for today’s post. Hope you all have an amazing day, keep waddling on!!

PS: Subster would 100% eat all of this anyway

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3 Responses

  1. Kally’s breakfast ftw !!


  2. Kally breakfast’s be bussin bussin

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What’s the guarantee that the poll wasn’t biased????


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