Breaking News: MC server owner nukes DrQueen’s café

Good Morning / Good Afternoon / Good Evening Ladies and GentlePenguins,

On January 21st, 2021, terror and sadness struck the Ice Warriors’ Minecraft Server and left many Minecraft players in utter sadness and despair. On that afternoon, everything seemed peaceful and happy as everyone was going on with their everyday lives and enjoying some fun building. All of a sudden, you could hear a LOUD explosion from the distance. The players suddenly stopped their building to locate the source of the blast. Fellow MC Mod, Freedomist found the source. He alerted the authorities to tell them that DrQueen’s Coffee Café had been destroyed.

Evidence of the Café nuking

Minecraft Players were confused! Who in the world would do such a thing? DrQueen’s Coffee Café opened up in September 2020. This was one of her first builds ever and she was extremely proud of her accomplishments! Her inspiration came from her love of Starbucks and how she enjoys spending time studying in coffee shops in real life. She wanted to bring a piece of her into the Ice Warriors Minecraft Server. DrQueen got the call from Freedomist and Kally that her Café had been destroyed. She was in so much heartbreak, where she felt as she couldn’t breathe. Her Wife, Purple took her to IW General Hospital, where she was treated by physician Levelz.

Local authorities had been brought in to investigate the crime scene of exactly… who did it? They began to search for fingerprints and evidence. However, after a thorough investigation, nothing was found. Days went on… DrQueen was in heartbreak over her Minecraft build. Suddenly, we found the name of our culprit…

MC server owner, Subster admitted that MC mod, Snow the 2nd was the culprit behind the nuking of DrQueen’s Café. DrQueen couldn’t believe it. She was at peace to know that they found the culprit behind the destroyal of her beloved café. But it…doesn’t….end there…..

Earlier that week, Subster lied to protect her reputation and blamed it all on Snow! Snow was wrongly accused as he was taken to IW jail for his crime. Subster was arrested for destruction of MC property, interfering with a crime scene, and wrongful accusation. Subster was sentenced to IW prison for 1 month. Snow wasn’t very happy that he was wrongly accused. As a result, he has decided to sue Subster for her crimes and bring Justice to DrQueen’s Café.

IW Reporter: Why did you blame Snow for nuking DrQueen’s café when it was you all along?

Subster: Because Snow has it out for me so all the blame is on him :IWwaiting:

IW Reporter: You have just been sentenced to one month in IW jail plus a trial at court…you literally admitted that you were the one who nuked her café, do you have any hope you will even win this case?

Subster: Of course, i will. Snow recently nuked all of the animals in our server and killed them all. He also killed Piggy Wiggle and blames it on me when im the one who gave Piggy Wiggle to Crisy! Snow is behind this nuking and the death of Piggy Wiggle! He has destroyed many beloved monuments on our server.

Evidence that Snow is in fact the culprit

As you can see. Subster is very sure that she will win the case. She has even hired IW’s Top Lawyer in the game, CrisyIW Reporters decided to get a statement from Snow the 2nd themselves, to see what his thoughts about this case!

Snow: Well, I can’t say I’m entirely surprised by this but that is a very Subster thing to do- accidentally destroying something on the server and making ME the scapegoat. Sure, I’m not entirely innocent when it comes to destroying stuff but I wouldn’t go that low LOL. All I can say is that I witnessed that tragic incident and I offer my deepest sympathies to DrQueen. As for Subs, perhaps we should look more as what OTHER stuff she’s destroyed on the Minecraft server before she goes around blaming more people- for all we know you could be NEXT.

Local News and authorities think this is going to be the case of the century. Comment down below on who you think is going to win the case, Subster or Snow?

Don’t Freeze up!


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff Member

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