Hello Ice Warriors.

Reporter IceQueen here bringing you the latest breaking news!  Many of you may have had heard stories of the mystery behind the Minecraft server crash after last week’s Wither event! What were the events that led up to the crash? Who is the real culprit? Carry on reading this MC special report to find out!

Peacefully getting prepped for the Wither event with no idea of the chaos that would follow!

After the MC Crash, chaos unleashed in the Staff HQ, fingers were being pointed everywhere. We must get to the bottom of this! Now, this was a very important mission, so I deployed the best agents in the business, the Elite Penguin Force (EPF Agents from Club Penguin). They found very important pieces of evidence which I will be revealing throughout this article.

The above photo summarises what happened, but not everyone agrees with it. The names in the photo correspond in the following order; Snow, Freedomist, Subster, IceQueen, and Law. To find out more, I asked two key questions to some witnesses and the people involved. Let’s see what they have said!

IceQueen: Question 1: Can you give a brief recount of events that led up to the crash?

Snow: It was a fine Saturday evening when I was, as you all know, hosting our first Wither event with my intoxicated co-host Freedomist. Before the event, Subs was meant to co-host but she decided to be occupied with other stuff, a decision that I believe she regrets deeply after the crash. Before the incident, we had finished the 1st round of the event in the Arena and was preparing to take everyone to the Nether for the event’s 2nd round. When everyone was ready, I accidentally went into the Nether alone and couldn’t get back out for some reason through the portal, so I asked Freedom to bring them all in. I then went to a specific location to the Nether where the 2nd round was meant to start and teleported everyone to that location. However, as soon as that happened, my screen suddenly froze (everyone I teleported weren’t moving) and I quickly realized something was up- that’s when the game crashed and I couldn’t get back onto the server. At first, I thought it was just me that disconnected but Freedom told me he believed that teleporting everyone caused the game crash.

Subster: Unfortunately, I didn’t see it first hand since I was at work at the time, but I had left Snow and Freedomist in charge of the Wither event, putting full trust into them. When I had a moment to check my phone at work I saw some messages from Kally saying that Snow had crashed the Minecraft server, during the panic of some troops dming me, Snow was spamming my Dms and that’s when I knew he messed up. I’ve learned to never leave Snow and Freedomist unsupervised on the server when hosting events :hmmm~1:

Snow spamming Subster’s Dms 

Icey: Yes. I was battling the wither with a tonne of fellow Ice Warriors. Then, when we finished fighting we all waited for the next phase of battle. All of a sudden we were teleported to the Nether and that’s when I noticed everyone was frozen solid :hmmm~1: . Moments later, I received a disconnection message.

Alucard: Well, I wasn’t on the server at the time of the crash, but from what I have heard, everyone was told to set a spawn point and then go into the Nether, but someone forgot to go into the Nether when asked: IceQueen1020. Then the server crashed.

Kristina: So basically, we were having a long awaited Wither event on the MC server (I built a staircase before the event which was honestly the best staircase that’s ever existed if you ask me), then the server was left in the hands of Freedomist and Snow during the event. It was going well at first, and then suddenly everyone was disconnected!!

Freedomist: Well, it all started when Subster had decided to neglect the server on the day when it was giving us some issues. Kris had also decided to build a cursed staircase in the waiting room for the Wither arena which served as a bad omen. Things seemed to be going well during the event after we slayed the Wither a few times however disaster struck. We were all meant to go to the Nether and get teleported to the area, but an incompetent IceQueen decided to not step through the portal, leading to the server to crash.

As you can see, the real culprits were trying to conceal the evidence.

IceQueen: Question 2: Who is the real culprit behind the crash?

Snow: Well many would obviously say it’s ALL my fault but I don’t think that’s true. I’d argue that there are THREE culprits- 1) IceQueen being the main culprit- for not being in the Nether and staying behind with Kally and Levelz, this caused the game to crash when I teleported everyone (pretty much being a MC noob). 2) Subster– leaving the server at my mercy knowing I caused another incident on the server before- indirectly caused the crash. 3) Kristina– suspiciously left before the event started, built a peculiar End Portal stairway which some say caused the End to glitch …and why not?- What sane person wouldn’t blame her.

Subster: Snow, he causes most of the chaos in our server, this makes sense since he’s also from Chaos but I suspect he’s planning to overthrow me and take over the server.

Icey: :shrug:

Alucard: IceQueen1020 IceNoob1020. She single handedly crashed the server by not going into the Nether portal when asked to.

Did IceQueen really crash the server?

Kris: The culprit, or culprits, are Snow and Freedomist. They were jealous of how good my staircase was, in their jealousy and anger they blew up the server! Just to get rid of the staircase smh (and they’re noobs so like it’s typical of them :doggyrun:).

Freedomist: There are 3 culprits, aka Subster and her two apprentices who conspired against Snow and I (both of us being completely innocent). 1) Subster for neglecting the server for hours when it was acting up. 2) Kristina for cursing us with her 0.1/10 stair case. 3) IceQueen for being an absolute noob and not going through the nether portal.

All that being said, the EPF agents found another screenshot, was IceQueen being used as a scapegoat to cover up the horrendous actions of Freedomist and Snow?!

Law: I appeared online just after it happened and I saw a lot of suspicious people in the staff chat. So, I believe it was a combined plan from all the staff, so the real culprit could never be found.

Ice Warriors, a colossal amount of information has been uncovered behind the MC server crash. Freedomist’s and Snow’s answers were pretty much identical, what are they hiding? Why are they blaming Subster, Kris and IceQueen? Was Kris’ staircase really cursed? Was Snow’s Nether teleportation the sole reason behind the crash? Was Freedomist sober during the event? Was IceQueen being framed? How could an MC noob possibly crash a server? 

I hope you all had fun reading this article as much as I did while investigating this entire fiasco! WHO IS THE REAL MC CRASHER? Comment below on what your verdict is! As always, remember to…

Love Yourselves!


Ice Warriors Leader-In-Training

13 Responses

  1. It was 100% either IceQueen or Subs. It can’t be Kris because her staircase was too good… unless the server crashed because the staircase was so magnificent that the server couldn’t handle it. It’s not Freedomist because I don’t want to be demoted

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  2. I think it was everyone especially icey he was very sus


  3. 7


  4. i dont play mc so i shouldnt be talking but anyways here i am in the comments section of a wordpress post again… its icequeen1020, she was infected by the brits again, so in reality freedomist and kris are solely behind this, and are using icequeen as the scapegoat. Snow was simply at the wrong place in the wrong time, and had to go along with freedomist.


  5. it was icequeen all the way very guilty.


  6. was it teleporting everyone to the nether that crashed the server? i didnt even know teleporting into another dimension was possible unless it was teleporting the number of people and there were too much people so it crashed?


    • yup lol pretty much there was a bunch of stuff involved like the teleportation, people being in the wrong place, etc. :XD:


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