CPR February Catalogs

Hello Ice Warriors!!

A new furniture catalog has been released in CP Rewritten so let’s dive right into it!

Our first page we have a very green theme! The hidden items being; a trash can, a froggy chair, a fire hydrant and a manhole cover!

The hidden items on this page are; a newspaper stand, a telephone box, a construction sign and to go with it, a construction barrier.

On this underwater ruins-themed page we have, a gray tv stand, a cityscape backdrop, and a hazard barrel!


Last but not least, we have a page full of plants! Here you can find a jumbo tv, a jumbo remote and a cute little turtle bowl!

In addition to the furniture catalog, we have two new igloos!

What is your favorite item in this months catalog? Mine has to be the adorable froggy chair and the new Magical Hideout igloo! What party do you think could be coming to CPR based off these items? Let me know your thoughts!!

Ice Warriors Trusted Staff


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