Life of a MC Moderator

Hey Ice Warriors!!

Now that Ice Warriors is soon rejoining Club Penguin, I would like to thank our staff team for all they do and for introducing all types of new games for you guys to play. Let’s recap on our infamous Java Minecraft server that we all know and love. There have been wonderful challenges and events such as the building contests and hide and seek! But Wait! What about the moderators themselves? For this I have interviewed the most knowledgeable MC Mods themselves: Subster, Kally, Kala, and Drqueen for an insight into their Minecraft lives. 

I’m sure all of you have been wondering what happens in the MC server or perhaps how the server came about? Stay tuned! ^^ 

Minecraft skins of the MC Mods (Top left: Kally, Right: Subster, Bottom left: Drqueen, & Bottom: Kala


Ben’s Romantic Moments in MC

Lime aka Bababooey: Who’s the original creator of the MC server? How did the mc server come about? Was it all your idea? And for all the non-Minecrafters, I heard that there was a castle? Who came up with that?

Subster: I am. I created it and Icey helped out since day 1. About a month after I joined IW I went “what if we could play Minecraft together?” So I thought about the ACP Minecraft server and started to make an IWs server! With Icey’s approval, I got straight to work. I did! We had an ice castle building contest and I won it with a castle in the personal world I had, I brought the idea over with inspiration from Elsa’s ice castle from Frozen.

Lime aka Bababooey: What’s your part in the Minecraft server and what are you currently doing in the Minecraft server that makes it so likable?

Kally: On Discord, I overlook the whitelisting channel whenever I can, and I’m mostly in charge of organizing and keeping an eye on the events that we host every week! On the server itself, I’m quite a noob, and I just started exploring survival, so you can probably see my farming or building or mining or whatever. Come by my farm with Levelz if u wanna hang. :crying~2:

DrQueen: I am a Minecraft mod on the server! So right now I am helping out host events and just building new stuff to make the server better as ever. I usually try to help Subster come up with ideas or update certain stuff in the server when I can! Aside from that, I like to participate in the events and to support my fellow moderators, when they host events :awe: 

Kala: Oh well I’m just a builder LOL I just make spawn a little bit better by doing things the other mods can’t like using command blocks. We want spawn to be in adventure mode so you can’t break stuff which is the current project I’m working on it just makes spawn a non-grief place that looks nice. :AThumbsUp: :danceowo:

  Kala and Ben’s Silly Moments

Subster: I created the mc server so I run everything and we’re holding events right now. For the mc server, I like to build new stuff in spawn for others to enjoy. Right now I’m currently working on a monument for WNCP as well as a fire, snow, and water dojo! It’s also almost finished actually!

Minecraft players and non-Minecraft players I hope that answers your potential questions or potential inquiries! Comment down below your favorite Minecraft event or favorite MC Mod! :Wink: :heart5:

Don’t pull an IceQueen and eat your fruits :eyes: DrQueen

Lime Aka Bababooey

Ice Warriors Staff Member

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