Trivia Thursday #31

Hey Ice Warriors!! Welcome to Trivia Thursday, the game show where you get to answer trivia questions about the Ice Warriors, and if you are one of the top 3 to answer, you get snowflakes too! 

Please join me in congratulating Mogi4 on getting all the answers right in our latest edition of Trivia Thursday, Discord edition! Also, please congratulate one of our newest staff members, Raxhy on getting all but one correct! Both of you will receive snowflakes for those awesome answers! Here are the answers to last week’s edition.

1. Danny Devito

2. 250

3. Imagine a place

4. Brilliance, Bravery, Balance

5. False

6. 0.1%

7. Wumpus

Thank you for submitting, and thanks to Et3rnal_Vo1d for treating us to a special edition last week! I know, I know, you just cant wait to see the questions so you can answer for the snowflakes! But, I would like to remind you about the newest role in our shop, the Custom Role Giveaway. Every so often, Iceyfeet1234 will raffle all the people in the role, and one will win a custom role for a month! But every time the role is raffled, everyone loses the giveaway role, and you have to buy it again! Make sure to checkout #shop and #custom-role-giveaway for more info, now, let’s take a dive into the latest questions! 

Question 1. Who was the last troop to get promoted in this week’s Promo Party?

Question 2. If you want to learn how to play/get addicted to Genshin Impact in the quickest way possible, who should you go to?

Question 3. If you have a window that needs breaking, who should you go to?

Question 4. Name a trusted staff that is also a Minecraft Mod

Question 5. Name one of the staff members who was promoted on August 21, 2021 (maybe August 21 – 22 for AUSIA, check #starboard)

BONUS QUESTION 6. Who is the 4th Cheetah Girl?

Make sure to comment your answers as quickly as you can, to ensure those snowflakes get to your bank safely! And after you comment your answers, make sure to double-check that you have reacted in #events-information if you can make it, and last but not least,

Don’t Freeze Up!!

One Response

  1. 1. Sebzy
    2. ur mom 😉 or a very good friend of mine… this answer is technically correct because you didnt say the person needs to be in ice warriors hehe
    3. You should go to a person that has a hammer haha same as last question
    4. Kristina
    5. 21 of august: Erza 22 of august: Captain Eternal
    6. DrQueen

    😀 nice questions!

    Liked by 1 person

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