Hey Ice Warriors!

Hope you all are having a good Saturday! HeadChicken coming in with the most recent MC news, if you haven’t already heard the mc server has been having a lot of shenanigans evolve lately. What exactly happened? Keep on reading to find out!

For those who don’t know about the shenanigans happening in the MC server, there has been a large clean-up!

Let’s start off with the case of Iceyfeet1234’s missing carpet. :E5:

Icey’s missing carpet

HeadChicken: Hey all, Icey’s carpet is missing! Do you have any theory of what could have happened?

Crisy: Everyone in Ice Warriors loves Icey! I don’t believe anyone would do anything to harm him. You know since Icey is my dad I have noticed that his very old some might say ancient age is taking a toll on him. He’s become very forgetful and is no longer as quick as he used to be. What if- he was making burnt bagels right and accidentally dirtied the carpet. And decided to remove it to wash it but then forgot where he placed it.:oldicey::HC_BlueHearts:

IceQueen: Hmmm well, Freedomist is neighbors with Icey so that makes him a prime suspect. However, Subster may also be a suspect since she designed the beautiful rooms for Freedomist, Kristina, and I. Saying that, Subster is so kind :simpfloorhearts: so I doubt she would steal Icey’s precious blue carpet so through elimination that leaves Freedomist. You never know, maybe Freedomist became too drunk and decided to steal Icey’s carpet :freedomist:! JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED SO THAT ICEY STOPS CRYING ABOUT THIS TRAGEDY!:cryingicey:

Gavin: Hmmm I think it has to be a mod because normies don’t have perms due to world guard/ adventure mode, so my best bet is that it’s the troublesome two that are Freedomist and Snow the 2nd.

Subster: Rumors have it that we have a rat that goes around the castle stealing carpets to make its nest. I hear the carpet rat might be named Snow The 2nd!

Evidence of Subster causing the shenanigans

The Ice Warriors MC Castle

Lastly, I got to ask Subster what they are doing for this clean-up.

HeadChicken: Hey Subster, since the MC server is currently in a clean-up state, what is currently happening with it?

Subster: So a lot of people have become upset with this but I have been cleaning up the Minecraft server. The town formerly known as the Oasis has been removed, due to inactivity and the village was a mess already, nobody lived there anymore. As well as the clean-up of houses that belong to inactive people in our MC server. This is giving our new and active troops new areas to build in! We wanna keep our server nice and tidy for future players!! :heart:

That wraps up this MC article, who do you think really stole Icey’s carpet and is behind the shenanigans? Comment below on who you think! Remember to check #event-information on the Ice Warriors Discord Server for our next event.:iwsalute:

Never stop being yourself! :blackheartexplode:


Ice Warriors Staff Member

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  1. LOL “some rat stole my carpet” I’M DEAD 💀💀💀

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  2. #justiceforiceyscarpet

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