A Peek into our Minecraft Server

Hey Ice Warriors! As you may know, we have a Minecraft server for our troops, which was created by Subster, with the help of Iceyfeet, DrQueen, Turbotankz, Mordie, Kally, Mae, and Snow the 2nd. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to play on our server but I’m here to help with an exclusive inside look into the server!

How did it start? 

The Minecraft server began with a simple idea from me; how can we play Minecraft together? I ended up creating the server, having no idea where to start. I thought of how previous servers I’ve played on have a spawn safe zone, so I worked with that! Iceyfeet1234, Mae, Turbo, and Mordie were helping me build right from the start! We scouted out a cool mountain area for the castle and began to build!

The Subzero castle in the early days of the server

I asked some of the Minecraft mods what their favorite buildings are on the server, and these are the responses I got!

DrQueen: I think some of my favorite builds have to be the Ice Rink, the farm, and the IW Dragon!! The Ice rank in fact is a replication from the one the ice rink room in Club Penguin armies! The ice rink in the Minecraft server is a great area to hang out with your friends and I just love sitting there and admiring the detail of the build! I also love the farm created by Mae. The farm is a nice little area to relax and look at all the animals! In fact, you may see some of the animals named after our very own IW staff/troops :hehe~1: The IW Dragon has to be one of the most creative builds I’ve ever seen too! It’s a cool build that you cannot miss and adds a great touch to the castle. Fun fact, you can actually enter inside the dragon and you may see some pets from IW members hanging out in there. As well, it’s a great area to hide for hide-and-seek events!


Kally: My favorite build in the Minecraft server is the flying bagel. I think it was our vet TurboTankz who built it, and it always reminds me of our vets and our creator Iceyfeet!! The bagel’s a bit burnt but it looks really cool!!


Snow the 2nd: Definitely NOT the ship we built. Joking lmao, I’d say that probably.


Iceyfeet1234: The main castle


With these buildings being said, I’ll show what each building is and how it was made!!

The Ice Rink

Based off of the ice rink in club penguin, I built the ice rink as a fun little easter egg within our server. Nets, a scoreboard, and bleachers were included with this build! Wool, ice, spiderwebs, concrete, glass panes, stone walls, and stone slabs being used for the build! It’s a fun little hangout spot, located right beside one of the beacons!

The Farm

The farm we have was built by our former staff member and mod, Mae! She was one of our very first mods on the server and she built this adorable little farm (which has had some small adjustments throughout the months). Two storage sheds, our food garden, a horse stable, a sheep and cow-pen, and a chicken egg farm! In recent additions, we now have bees, Farmer Madhav and Beekeeper Ben, who sell everything you need to start a garden!


The Dragon

This build is honestly my favorite! I built this myself with a super cool secret room inside of the dragon’s stomach! I named her “Queen Glacier” (based on some dragons I love to draw). I built a dragon because honestly, what’s a castle without a super cool dragon to go with it? She’s purely made of packed ice, sea lanterns, and snow blocks! It was so much fun to build!! The only flaw with it is cats like to spawn on top of it because of the village nearby, which can get really loud.


Icey’s Flying Bagel

If you’ve been in IW for any amount of time, you already know Icey is famous for his breakfast snaps of burnt bagels. One of our vets, TurboTankz had the amazing idea of making a burning bagel, heading straight for Icey’s Mcdonalds! The bagel is on fire and a little burnt, but I bet it tastes amazing!

The Ship (S.S. stands for Subster and Snow)

The Ship is a replication of Rockhopper’s Migrator from club penguin! Snow and I built the boat together with our captains being “Yarr” and “Mr. Snowman” the sheep! Inside of the ship we have storage, a casual lounge room, and our captain’s quarters, with the wandering trader, Rockhopper, with his parrot pals to keep him company.


The Subzero Castle

The main build of our spawn zone is the castle! Put together by all our mods. There are too many rooms to show pictures of but we do have a couple of inside looks. Some of the rooms are, Regan’s pub, the throne room, the kitchen, Polar & Blizzard towers, our Subdivision meeting rooms, staff rooms and so much more! The basement is a total maze, but down there you can find staff rooms, the SIT school, mod housing, our movie theatre, Alex’s pool and much more! Its a really cool place to explore and play hide and seek in!!


Future Plans

I have many exciting things planned for this server! Some being a holiday texture pack for December, an Economy system, more Minecraft events, and more builds! I’m very excited to bring more to the server and I’m open to any ideas you troops have!

What is your favorite room in the Minecraft server? What should we build next? Let me know your comments below or DM me your suggestions!!


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff

4 Responses

  1. Ahhh I love it 😀 I need to play on the mc server more lol


  2. I love it 😀 I should try to play on the mc server more.


  3. Its awesome, I should try to play on the server more.


  4. The Minecraft server is so sick!! Big shoutout to all of our mods for their hard work on it!!


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