Fan Art Friday #10

Hey Ice Family!

It’s time for this week’s Fan Art Friday! We have so many amazing artists in IW! Let’s look at some of the art that was posted this week. I also had the opportunity to ask these amazing artists about the inspiration behind their artwork.

First, we have a Lemon War Tank made by our Sergeant, Teny.

Crisy: Hey Teny, what was the inspiration behind your “Lem 3 Lemon War Lemonade Tank” art?
Teny: mmmm easily it would be the lemonade warrior invasion, after that I was like “hmm they need something to ride to war if they ever need it.” so I started looking up pictures of lemons for the tank base. And then I basically added everything else a tank would need.
For our 2nd piece of artwork, we have a beautiful flower painting made by our Corporal, Prekarry!
Crisy: Hey Prekarry, what was the inspiration behind your flower painting?
Prekarry: I said, people. Maybe not a fan art but. I don’t see a flower outside. imagination power product. Whatever inspiration is saying, my inspiration is an artist I love very much.
For our third artwork, we have an amazing drawing of a dragon made by our General, Al!
Crisy: Hey Al, what was the inspiration behind your dragon drawing?
Al: Well, one day I was bored, then my aunt gifted me the wings of fire series! I then KNEW I was an ice wing, then decided why not be the Queen of them? So I started drawing all the dragons and then drew mine when I felt like I could lol
Next, we have an incredible statue of a penguin created in Minecraft by our Corporal, Doge!
Crisy: Hey doge, what was the inspiration behind your penguin statue on Minecraft?
Doge: My art was made my first day on the server I wanted to make a penguin and hokey stick I tried my best and my inspiration was peoples art and I thought I can make it better and I tried to make it great that is all
Lastly, we have a cute drawing from our Private, Teresa!
Crisy: Hey Teresa, what was the inspiration behind your drawing?
Teresa: Well it was for someone so I drew their character as best as possible. And by other people who cheered me on to do what I do
Oh my, we truly do have some amazing artists in Ice Warriors! Which of these were your favorites? Leave a comment in the comment section down below to let us know. If you want a chance for your art to be featured next Friday make sure to post it in the #Fan-Art channel of the Ice Warriors Discord!:tl1HeartBlue:

Ice Family Forever!


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff Member

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