Trivia Thursday #2

Hey Ice Warriors,

Happy Thursday. First of all, thank you to those who participate in the first trivia Thursday. Let’s check out the winners from the last post and the new trivia Thursday questions!!!

1. O’regan619

2. Summer Awards/Prom

3. Ice Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation, and Dark Warriors.

4. 2007

5. Sub Zero

If you are new to this here’s the explanation of our trivia Thursday: 

Every Thursday, you will be asked a series of 5 questions on a Trivia Thursday post and the first three people to answer these 5 questions correctly in the comments section down below will win some snowflakes. The correct answers will be featured in next week’s Trivia Thursday post!! 

1. Name one of our Staff in Training (SiT)?

2.Who has the custom role ¨Funky Fresh¨?

3. Who said this quote,” can someone please explain to me how I joni? “

4. Who was the 3rd leader in IW for the CPPS ERA?

5. Who is the current Co-admins??

Do you know the answers to these trivia questions?? Comment down below your answers!! The first three people who answer it correctly will receive snowflakes!!

Ice family forever


Ice Warriors Staff Member

9 Responses

  1. 1. five
    2. kris
    3. alex
    4. Ben
    5. Kally & IceQueen


  2. hiro
    kally, icequeen


  3. Hi my name is dave and here are the answers-
    idk 😦
    idk either 😦
    iceyqueen and sam


  4. 1. Milk The Bear
    2. Kristina
    3. Alex
    4. Ben
    5. IceQueen, Kally


  5. Hiro
    Kris (permanent red one), Clout had a grey one yesterday
    Kally, IceQueen


  6. Five
    Kris, (clout and ninja got it a few days ago as well)
    Kally and IceQueen


  7. 1. Five
    2. Kristina
    3. Alex
    4. Ben
    5. IceQueen and Kally


  8. 1. Five
    2. Kristina
    3. Alex
    4. Ben
    5. Kally and IceQueen


  9. 1. burger
    2. kristina
    3. Alex
    4. Ben
    5. sam and IceQueen


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