Q&A: Who is the true bully? Queens vs Freedomist

Heyo Ice Warriors!

Hope you’re having a terrific Tuesday! It’s time for… another Q&A! You all have asked your questions and I went on an adventure across the Ice Warriors Kingdom finding the answers!

Continue reading to find out more about the inspiration behind Subster’s amazing art, what Crisy aspires to be in the future, Icey’s favorite foods, why DrQueen eats a lot of potatoes, and who the true bully is aka Queens vs Freedomist

Lets’s start off by finding a bit more about Subster’s art!

IceQueen: Subster, you’re one of the best artists and graphics designers we have in Ice Warriors :smile:. When did you begin creating your art and what’s the inspiration behind your art style?

Subster: Aw that’s so sweet!! So basically I’ve been drawing for years since I could hold a pencil, so over the years, I drew stuff I liked from video games or created my own characters. I mostly started off with creating my own dragons via stories then I eventually drew them as I pictured in my head. I got deeper into art in high school and took a few art classes and got into the show Steven universe, a lot of my art sort of mimics the style and inspires a lot of my style!! I do lots of art still and I’m now in college for graphic design which is a lot of fun.

Caption: ‘Amber’ – by Subster

Subster’s art always surprises me and is so unique, I love it a lot! :iwheart:

The following question was sent in from Turbo and is for Icey!

IceQueen: We all know you love having bagels for breakfast, but what are your favorite dishes for lunch and dinner?

Icey: hmmm :hmm~3: I’d say for dinner I like chicken and pasta the most. 

IceQueen: What about for lunch?

Icey: mmmm :hmm~3: The same but also food like pizza, fries.

Lots of unhealthy foog


But I also like health foods too, like fruits and veggies.

(Icey is getting very old, :oldpenguin: hence the spelling errors)

Let’s now find out about what Crisy would like to become in the future!

IceQueen: Outside of Ice Warriors, what are your hobbies, and what do you aspire to be in the future?

Crisy: Outside of IW I’m pretty busy as a student who also has a job. Choosing my major in college was difficult. I originally wanted to be a law teacher but I was told I wouldn’t make enough money so I decided I would major in science and become a science teacher. However my first day of college I immediately realized my mistake. I knew science wasn’t for me, and so I started looking into law programs at my university. I read about the university’s law school and it just excited me. I began watching law shows and was pretty interested in them also. 

The path to becoming a lawyer is not a simple one. It’s difficult which is why choosing this path was not an easy decision. But I did end up deciding to major in Law to become a paralegal and then a lawyer! It’s always been a dream of mine but the amount of time I would have to study scared me. However, I believe that anything is possible so I’m pursuing my dream and I hope you all do also!:GlowHeart:

Crisy’s response has given me the motivation to always try my best! I hope you all work hard to chase your dreams too! :tl1HeartBlue:

The next question was sent in from Krosive and is for Blushock.

IceQueen: Blushock, why do you like the game Fortnite?

Bushock: Because the game has a lot of memes and because Joe plays it a lot.

IceQueen: That leads me on to another question, who is Joe?

Blushock: Ah yes. Joe is both the globglogabgalab and Hurricane Joe. Watch that unironically become the name of a Hurricane in the next 10 years :xd:

A hurricane called Joe? That would be very weird indeed :xd:

Next I went to DrQueen’s coffee shop to ask her a very serious question.

IceQueen: How did the ‘DrQueen will eat 60 potatoes!’ meme come about?

How do you like to cook your potatoes?

DrQueen: Ahhh yes… It all started when I was a tiny staff member in Water Ninjas. I was too busy hyping the chat for an event when I realized -gasp- I left my potatoes in the oven, and they almost burned! Thankfully they were alright! The next day, there was another event! I was eating the leftovers for lunch, and people kept asking me for my famous potatoes. I said, well, if 20 people log on…I will give yall potatoes! Sooner or later, it morphed into the joke that, for every one troop that logs on for an Ice Warriors or a Water Ninjas event, I will eat one potato. It came to the point where If we needed a max goal of 60 troops to log on, I would have to commit to eating 60 potatoes. People for some odd reason like seeing me eat large amounts of potatoes. I set the aim high for the number of potatoes I must consume now because I mean we go big or go home, right? Whatever it takes to get IW/WNCP the max goal LOL.

Let’s make DrQueen eat 100 potatoes at our next big event! :hehe~1:

Here is another question from Turbo, and it’s for Freedomist.

IceQueen: On a scale of 0-10 how much do you stan Turboomist? Also, will you ever stop playing HOI and get a life, please? Turbo is just worried for his man that’s all :angel~1:

Freedomist: A scale of 1-10 is not enough to express how much I stan Turboomist. Turboomist FTW. Also perhaps I’ll stop playing HOI4 but I shall never get a life :IWwaiting~1:

IceQueen: Beautiful. The final question (this one’s from me), why do you love to bully the Queens so much?

Freedomist: They deserve it, they always bully me and then play the victim. Everything I do against the queens is merely self-defense yet I always get portrayed as the bully even though realistically they are the only bullies here.

IceQueen: Anything else you want to add?

Freedomist: Nope.

IceQueen: It’s a pack of lies but I’ll have to include your words in the article.

Freedomist: Good. Include it. Let the people know the truth.

IceQueen: Thank you for your time.

The truth ^ speaks for itself folks.

I hope you all enjoyed reading the Q & A! If you have any questions you want to be answered for next time just send me a message on discord! Comment below on what your favorite part was and who you think the real bully is, Freedomist or the Queens?! As always, remember to…

Love Yourselves!


 Ice Warriors Leader in Training

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