Weekly Recap #1

Sub Zero, Ice Warriors Capital

Hey Ice Warriors! It’s time for a weekly recap! What have the game divisions been up to? Let’s find out!


The Minecraft Division had a busy week filled with two hide and seek events, a chase event, and a creative Maze Word Hunt! The first hide and seek event hosted by DrQueen and Krosive & the Maze Word Hunt hosted by Kally and Levelz, were tied for the most people attended this week! The Maze Word Hunt has to be the division’s highlighted event due to the creativity. Troops ran around a maze, looking for certain letters. Once found, they had to descramble the letters and submit them to see if it was correct! Congrats to our winners: Twisted, CyrenStorm, Goomb, and Puss in boots (emmauttir), who decoded all the letters! Huge shoutout to Kally and Levelz for putting on a successful event!

– DrQueen

“I really liked the Word maze Because it made me really happy and I liked it Because we have those in real at my school, so it felt like I was back in school” – Puss in boots (emmauttir)

Participants of the Word Hunt!


The Roblox Division had many fun events last week, including Sharkbite, Hide and Seek, Copyrighted Artists and even Among Us! A huge thank you goes out to the hosts: IceQueen, Chris, Clindsz, Eloas and DrQueen! The Hide and Seek event was the most popular event of the week and a lot of fun as well! If you have any other suggestions for Roblox games, let us know!

– Kally

Screengrab from the Sharkbite event!

Among Us

Just like every week, the beloved Among Us events had a very high turnout and often needed multiple lobbies hosted by many staff members to fit all the participants! What do you guys think, what’s more fun: playing as crewmate or as impostor?

– Kally

Voice Chat Events

This week, our voice chat division held a bunch of super fun Kahoots! Nintendo, Fortnite dances, Mario and a Mystery Kahoot! These were hosted by Blushock, Turbo and, and a massive congratulations to all of our winners for each game! There was a max attendance of 30 people on some Kahoots which is insane! We also had 2 movie nights; “Madagascar” and “Princess and the Frog”, and a Karaoke night hosted by Levelz and Icequeen!

– Subster

Mystery Kahoot winners!

Miscellaneous Games

The Miscellaneous games’ division had many events this week, such as Scattergories, Broken PicturePhone, and many others. The one that really popped out was a Skribbl.io that was hosted on by Purple and Abi, over 25 people attended and it was a lot of fun for everyone! Congrats to our winners!

– Abi


What do you guys think? What were your favourite events of the week? Let us know in the comment section below!

🌈 Kally

Ice Warriors Leader in Training

DrQueen, Abi, Subster

Weekly Recap Helpers

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