Troop and Staff Member of the Week: February 1st 2021

Hi there Ice Warriors!

It’s Monday again! Who became Troop and Staff of the Week this time? Maybe it’s you? Let’s see…

Troop of the Week: ♡вˡ𝐮𝓔.𝐬𝐢м𝐩Ş♡

Bluesimp was recently promoted to Corporal First Class. Thanks to her charm and empathy, many troops could feel at home in the Ice Warriors. Bluesimp spends much time on our main-chat by welcoming and interacting with others. She is always ready to help anyone – from Private to Leader. Bluesimp also attends many of our events. Thank you for being with us Bluesimp! You deserved this honour so much!

Staff Member of the Week: /Infiníte/

Infinite showed us his dedication to the army in the past week! He recruited a lot, making our community bigger and stronger. Infinite also attended many of our events and thanks to that became one of the Puzzle Masters on our Discord server! Thank you for trusting in IW, Infinite. You truly deserve the SMOTW title!

Thank you for everything guys! Ice Warriors without you wouldn’t be the same!
Congratulations and keep it going!

Much love and see you around,

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