Q&A: Are e-girls ruining IW?!?!?

Happy Tuesday Ice Warriors!!

Last month, we played a lot of games to keep us busy as we wait for CP’s return. During that time, troops could participate in our puzzle piece hunt event, which came out very successful!!! You may think Ice Warriors was as peaceful as possible; however, chaos unleashed behind the scenes. There has been a rise of e-girls joining our server, which I call “The IW pandemic of e-girls.” As Well, IceQueen has been fighting her battle against the court to claim the real Elsa title. Read below as I find the truth behind our e-girl pandemic, IceQueen’s battle against identity fraud, and everyone’s favorite game to played in IW!!!

DrQueen: Which division games have been your favorite ones to attend so far, and why!!?

Five: It’s probably either Among Us because I’m never the imposter. :sad~5: Or skribbl.io just because of the humor that comes when playing. For example, my drawings are :chefkiss: I mean who doesn’t like them

Five’s amazing drawing of DrQueen….but potato form?!?!?!?

Qt Ben: In my opinion, I like the misc games the most. Specifically browser games, or games that require no download. I like these games because it’s so much easier to have the troops participate and have fun since they don’t have to go through the trouble of downloading them. As well, easier games to play normally result in more people actually attending the events. The more people attending, the more fun the events are! Some of my favorite games are Kahoot, Skribbl.io, and Jackbox πŸ™‚

Saoirse: I really enjoy the Kahoots. I am a pretty competitive person and I like to challenge people when it comes to winning. I also enjoy seeing the knowledge that people have for the topics :awe:


DrQueen: Why are you committing identity fraud? Are you really the REAL Elsa?

IceQueen: How dare you accuse IceQueen1020 aka Queen of Ice aka Elsa. I am the REAL Elsa. :elsa: Period. The cold never bothered me anyway. Door slams. :periodt:


DrQueen: Recently, there has been a pandemic of e-girls flooding IW, how do you respond to this given you are the β€œreal e-girl of IW”?

Kally: People always talk about Sally44 being the real e-girl of IW… but Sally would be nothing without her girls Alia/Rose, Kiki, and Sam. :periodt: and that’s on periodt.

Are Rose/Alia, Sam, and Kiki the true e-girls of IW?!?!

Abi: This pandemic was very scary, We had Orange, Freedomist, and Levelz running for their lives as we had around 10 e-girls asking for free nitro and snowflakes. As the “Real e-girl” of IW, I think this is hilarious. I didn’t mind changing my pfp or name like the rest had to. I never thought something like this would happen, yes we’ve had a breakout of simpettes and Madagascar characters but who would have thought e-girls?!? At least, now it’s over :iwpray: or so we think :omg:

Recently, a fellow staff member, Levelz, has been a victim of the e-girl pandemic. Let’s see hows he has been holding up.

Levelz: I don’t really mind the e-girls in IW :eyes: I mean I might be getting scammed but e-girls though :ufff:

Has the IW staff turned into e-girl mode to only scam Levelz’s wallet?

DrQueen: So Sally….are you the one behind this e-girl pandemic?

Sally44: All I have to say is, they just hate me cuz they ain’t me :periodt:

DrQueen: But that doesn’t answer my question…..

Sally44: well I guess people just saw how great life as an e-girl was when I joined and wanted to do the same. I took all of them under my wing and taught them how to live the e-girl way and helped them become the e-girls they are now.Β  :uwu: so yes, I am behind this e-girl pandemic, haters just gonna keep on hating :periodt:

THE TRUTH IS OUT! E-girl Sally is the culprit behind the e-girl pandemic!! No one is safe! How are yall surviving the e-girl pandemic? Is IceQueen really Elsa? As well, what has been your favorite gaming event in Ice Warriors so far? Comment down below and let us know!

Do you have a question that you want to see on next week’s Q and A article?!?! Please dm DrQueen or Kally for a chance to see your question on the next Q & A article.

Until then….. Don’t Freeze up and don’t forget to check out #events-information


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff Member

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  1. πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
    Idk if IceQueen really is Elsa, might be a fake πŸ‘€
    So far my favourite gaming event has to be either the Broken Picture Phone or the jackbox ones, those are so much fun to play with others

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  3. Im the only e girl

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