Meme Monday: Icey’s Bar

Hello Ice Warriors! Welcome back to another meme Monday! Everyone knows the legendary Iceyfeet1234, but what does he spend most of his time doing? 

According to IW legend Firestar08:

“Icey tends to spend a lot of his free time, this being when he’s not recruiting of course, stuck at the bar.”

Going back to around February/March of this year, when Firestar08, Doggorage, Ben, and Iceyfeet1234 were reviving the Ice Warriors, Icey wasn’t as persistent in recruiting as he is now. As stated by Firestar,

“There was a severe lack of attendance and activity from a notable figure; Iceyfeet1234.”

So, if Icey used to be so indolent in his army work, what got him so deeply intertwined in it now?

When the pandemic hit, Icey had no other choice than to leave his time being stuck in the bar and put all of his attention into recruiting and working for the Ice Warriors. As you can see in the image below, Icey had no choice but to come back to IW, and leave his wonderful bar.

So then, what exactly does Icey do in his bar? According to Iceyfeet1234 himself,

“At the bar, lots of eating goes on. From light snacks to hefty meals, the bar is the source of many delicious dishes.” Well, we can all agree on that. Based on the security footage below, he’s practically stuck there all day, sitting at the bar and enjoying these many meals.”

So then, Ice Warriors, if you see Icey, feel free to ask him for a drink! If you enjoyed this meme, make some of your own! We love to see them posted on our meme channel. 

For example, thank you to Caesar for this hilarious bit, make some like these! They’re a great laugh for everyone and great content for me to be able to make posts like this! Now, if you’re reading this, go ask Icey for bar content pictures.

The show must go on!


IW Staff Member

One Response

  1. LOL the guy taking pics of the food 💀
    That is so Icey


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