Sub Zero Standard #4 [11/22/20-11/28/20]

Hey Ice Warriors family,

Welcome back to the weekly Sub Zero Standard! This week marked the beginning of the Christmas Chaos tournament, which we have been preparing and training for! Keep reading for a brief recap of this fun week! ❤


Divisional Practice Battle

Max: 56

For the first event of the week, our divisions Polar and Blizzard were supposed to fight against the Lava Crusaders in a practice battle! Sadly they didn’t show up, but the winners were…


Christmas Chaos training with SWAT

Max: 47

On Monday we met up with our allies from the Special Weapons and Tactics for some training!

Staff U-Lead

Max: 54

On Tuesday, we logged on to CpArmies for a fun Staff U-Lead! A big shoutout to all the staff members who did tactics, you guys are talented!

Warrior Showdown: Heroes vs Villains

Max: 58

Our mid-week event was a warrior showdown! The troops were able to choose which heroes and villains they wanted to be, and after a vote, the teams chosen were Team Herbert vs Team Penguins! The winners were…

Team Penguins!

Turkey Day!

Thursday was Turkey day for the majority of our troops, so we took a day off. I hope everybody who celebrated had a great Thanksgiving! :turkey: Bring on Christmas!!! :sinister:

[AUSIA] Practice battle vs Skateboarders

AUSIA Max: 43

On Friday, recovering from our Turkey comas, we held an AUSIA practice battle against the Skateboarders! The event was super fun, and we won it 3-0! We almost lost a room though, check this week’s highlights below to find out why!!

Black Friday Fever

Max: 50

Our second Friday event was the Black Friday shopping event! Iceyfeet shared his shopping secrets with us and we all bought ourselves Nintendo Switches for some Animal Crossing!! Funnily enough, one of the rooms called was the Box Dimension, but no one could actually get in cause we were too big! LOL

CCX: 1st Round against Golden Troops

Max: 56

On Saturday, we had our final event of the week, which was the Christmas Chaos tournament against the Golden Troops! We won the battle with ease, and the final score was 3-0!

Promotions, SMOTW & TOTW

This week, Snow the 2nd finish his SiT training! Congratulations ❤:Clap: If you haven’t yet, check out this interview we did with Snow just this week! -> Link

Our beloved veteran staff member Trinity was promoted to Fifth in Command!! Well done, keep working hard and you’ll be Trusted in no time. :loveislove:

Crisy and DrQueen were promoted to trusted staff! Amazing job, well deserved!:eh:

Our Staff Member of the Week was Chevy, congrats again!

And finally, our Troop of the Week was the amazing Burger!

Article of the Week

Once again, pick your favourite article at the end of the post! If you haven’t read them yet, here are this week’s IWNC posts:

CPR & NCP Catalog Cheats by Subster

Meme of the Week: What’s a Parrot? by Trinity

Get to Know IW, Veteran edition: Snow the 2nd by IceQueen

Q&A: Does Clindsz Really Sniff Water? by DrQueen

Fan Art Friday #5 by Blushock

A Peek Into Our Minecraft Server by Subster

Highlight of the Week

This week had two highlights!

First were surely the AUSIA practice battle against the Skateboarders, where Alex managed to break CpArmies!! :xd: Here’s the culprit:

After this tactic, around half if not most of us were lagged out of the game!

The second highlight of the week were Iceyfeet’s tactics!! Mark this day in your calendar! He never does tactics! :e5:


What did you guys think of this week? Are you excited to dominate at the Christmas Chaos next week? Remember to leave a comment down below! 

Make sure to check #events-information for our next events! ❤



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  1. Another amazing week! IW Forever ❤

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