Q & A: Does Clindsz Really Sniff Water?

Whats up Ice Warriors!

On this week’s edition of Q & A, oh boy do we have a treat for you! I sat down with some of IW’s amazing staff members at the coffee shop to get the inside scoop on some Q & A questions you have asked!! From finding out Josh’s inspiration behind his raps to finding out some of our staff members’ favorite IW event, and to finding out the response to the MOST asked question of the year, “Clindsz how do you smell water?” gets all answered. Read down below to see these fabulous responses.

Warning: This article is not to be read by Clindsz’s water sniffer haters!!!

DrQueen: How does Josh come up with his raps? What’s the inspiration behind it?

Josh: I simply come up with the raps whenever I feel motivated to make one. Making the IW Rap was certainly a lot of fun, and you could say there is a little lore for it. Looking back at the lyrics I used for it, you’d find some fun references I made to anything related to ice or the Ice Warriors army as a whole. You may know about the greatness of IW and what better way to express that greatness with a rap. My main goal for making that rap is that you feel motivated and powerful, especially before battle events. The spirit of the Ice Warriors is meant to be expressed in this rap and after hearing of how it did just that, I was admittedly surprised it turned out well, so much so that I had decided to make a second verse after I initially planned on making just one. I essentially tried to be as clever as I could with what I had. As for the iconic “Toe Verse”, that was simply done on the fly when I had many, many requests for it, and I finally delivered.

DrQueen: What has been your favorite event this year in Ice warriors??

Abi: Hiii, My favorite event so far during the time in IW might have to the civil war between the troops, staff, and HCOM (ofc staff won hehe); I love the fact that everyone during the event got to have fun and a chance to lead. I know for a fact it also was one of the funniest ones!  I’m glad the troops got to lead and have fun with the opportunity (by roasting ppl haha) I hope we get to have more crazy events like these near the future. They always seem to bring the best of us; Like making eye’s wake up or telling people to shut up and get into a form, any who thank you for giving me a chance to share my opinion and Ly All ❤ -mic dropped-

AbiG20 & DrQueen sitting down for an interview over a cup of coffee!!!

Archie: My favorite event during my time in IW has to be the March Madness Semi-Final rematch against DCP, who of course, we beat them 3-0. This was a very enjoyable event in my opinion. So yeah, despite there being many events up there in my favorites, that one tops it.

Quinn: I mean the March Madness was really interesting, it’s where the infamous “oops entered early” meme originated from and was during our peak rivalry with DCP, it was also one of the first major events I attended as a baby IW troop. Also, battling in the gift shop? talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before!

DrQueen: The question everyone’s been asking….how do you sniff water Clindsz?

Clindsz: People are ALWAYS asking me: ”Clindsz, how do you sniff water?” or ”Clindsz, how does water smell?” but NEVER ”Clindsz, how are you?”….. shame! 

    Interesting that someone would ask me, Clindsz, non-water sniffer – such a question. But I guess if I were to sniff water, it would probably go something like this. First, get yourself a glass, any glass. The size does not matter! Just as long as it can hold water. Next, you’re going to need the main part of this equation- water. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, water should be between 50- and 72-degrees Fahrenheit for optimal hydration. AKA what you’re going to want is a glass of nice, room temperature, water. Then, simply lift the glass up to your nose – not too close though – and take a whiff. Lastly, and this whole thing truly wouldn’t be complete without this, say “That’s a damn fine glass of water!”. And there you have it. If anyone decides to try this, do dm me with your results/thoughts. Do remember though, that this is purely hypothetical and again…. I Am Not A Water Sniffer. That is propaganda.

Real footage of Clindsz enjoying a damn fine glass of water

CLINDSZ is NOT A WATER SNIFFER. Proof can be found down below! 

And there you have it, the truth behind Clindsz and her water sniffing, and getting our inside look of Josh’s inspirations behind his rap!!

Comment down below to let us know your favorite IW event so far!!!! 

Got questions for next week’s edition of Q & A????? Go ahead and DM Fusion, Kally, or DrQueen your questions! 

Until then, Don’t Freeze up!!!!

 IW Trusted Staff Member

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  1. LOOOL nice post


  2. HAHA, amazing post!


  3. sniffing water is good


  4. My favorite event is the Ausia Troop U-lead event.


  5. bahahahahahahaah clindsz how are you


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