Warriors Showdown: 2nd Battle [Heroes vs Villains]

Hey again Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Klondike for our Warriors Showdown‘s 2nd battle! This day’s teams were: Team Superheroes vs Team Supervillains! These teams were dressed today as Penguins vs Herberts!

After three amazing rooms showing an strong battle, the winners of this battles are….

The Superheroes!

Max: 58

Battle Results:

Room 1 (Ice Berg): Heroes

Room 2 (Stadium): Heroes

Room 3 (Inside Mine): Heroes

The Heroes won the battle by 3-0! Amazing job from the Villains too!

(Even though the villains also technically won, I guess LOL)

Villains 3-0″, you heard it guys… sorry superheroes.

Battle Pictures:

Make sure to check out our discord for our next events and reminding that the first round of the Christmas Chaos X is this Saturday!!

Kings Never Die

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