Meme of the Week: What’s a parrot?

As most of you know, Orange is one of IW’s most recognized members of our HCOM staff! You can often find him in the main chat, either interacting with troops or having a good time! If you don’t know Orange personally, you’ve probably seen messages sent such as, “Orange is a simp!”, or, “Orange is a clown!” (Which are both VERY true!) But one recent meme, that you may have seen already, is Orange’s most recent complication with parrots.

I would hope you all know what a parrot is, as it seems that Orange does not. By looking at the messages Orange had sent that led us to believe he is not knowledgeable about parrots in the first place; the only reasonable explanation was that Orange has to be living under a rock, right? Well, the only way I could get the real answer, was by talking to Orange himself. 

Trinity: Hello Orange! So, you are one of IW’s LiTs, which means you must get quite involved with the chat, yes?

Orange: Yessssss I am, I try hard to get involved with that chat and the troops! :p

Trinity: Of course, so that means that you play a role in many of the jokes and banter, which leads us to the topic of the article. Can you tell me a little bit of your knowledge on parrots?

Orange: WELL I am actually very knowledgeable in parrots, as a huge fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, I loved the parrot’s role in the movie. Did you know that parrots can reach between 4 to 40 inches in height?? That’s nearly the size of Alex!

Trinity: Wow, that’s quite impressive. I wonder if Alex has ever run into a parrot… Anyways, if you’re quite the expert, would you care to explain the context in these messages?

Orange: Same! AND OKAY so we were talking about discord features in our LiT group chat, and I stopped paying attention for a bit and suddenly I saw them talking about parrots SO I THOUGHT we were talking about discord features!! And as someone who is still a discord noob, I thought it was a feature I didn’t know!! So even though I am an expert on parrots, in the moment I was confused because of the context.

Trinity: Ahh, thank you for explaining! Last, but not least, is it true that you are indeed a simp and a clown?

Orange: NO I am not a simp nor a clown. The biggest Clown is Chris. And let me list out all the REAL simps real quick;

Simp Squad
Leader: DrQueen

Members: Clindsz, Waddle, Purple, Abi, and Teddy

Simps in Training: Maya and Audri

Trinity: Okay then! Thank you for your input… Is there anything else you’d like to say to anyone reading?

Orange: Hmmmm that last thing I’d like to say is chaos > golds ;)))

So folks, you heard it here first, Orange is actually a parrot expert? Now, if you’re reading this, feel free to go spam Orange with parrot trivia to see if he actually lives up to these expectations. As for whether he is or isn’t a simp and a clown… I believe that he’s lying, but we’ll save that for another article. 

The show must go on!


Ice Warriors Staff

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  3. Great post though!! (:

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  4. yay im not a simp c:

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  5. ORANGE U IS THE ONLY SIMP IN IW smh anyways amazing post!

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  6. Lol “Simp Squad” Orange is such a clown 💀💀

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  7. Orange is the biggest simp. Amazing post Trinity as always 💜

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  8. great post!
    #Orange is a clown

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  9. this lime dude is really dumb

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