Troop & Staff Member of the Week: 23rd November 2020

Hey Ice Warriors! ❤

Another week has gone by and it’s time for new Troop and Staff of the Week! Keep reading to find out who it is this time!

Troops of the Week: Ghould & Burger!

Ghould is one of our awesome AUSIA troops, yet this doesn’t hold her back! She comes to as many events as possible and is always super active on our main chat! Well deserved and congratulations! ❤

and we love you! ❤

Burger is also one of our most active main chat visitors and attends a bunch of events! She is already at the rank of Head Colonel… Potential SiT incoming? 😉 Congratulations on TOTW!

Her fave is in-n-out by the way 😉

Staff Member of the Week: Chevy!

Chevy is one of our newer staff members and has already enjoyed the rank of TOTW in the past! The avid refrigerator fan was the most active staff member this week, attended events and was super helpful as well. ❤ Thank you Chevy for everything that you do, and well done!

Make sure to congratulate Ghould, Burger and Chevy when you see them on main chat!

Remember to check #events-information for our next event!



Ice Warriors Leader in Training

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  1. congrats guys!

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  2. congratulations again!! ❤

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    Liked by 1 person

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