CPR & NCP Catalog Cheats- Nov 2020

A brand new furniture catalog, some new igloos, and new music have come out in CP Rewritten, as well as a new Penguin Style and igloo catalogs in New CP! What do these catalogs have to offer?  Let’s check them out together!

In this edition of the igloo furniture catalog, we have lots of EPF Agent equipment! Perfect for the upcoming party. Make sure to gear up and protect your igloo from Klutzy and Herbert’s evil plans!

Click inside the red squares to buy the hidden objects!


In addition to the furniture update, we have new music and new igloos! My favorite song off this playlist has to be “Herbert Style”! 10/10 would recommend using if you host a party in your igloo. Speaking of igloos, check out the super cool Secret Base!! I bet this is what the leader meeting room looks like.

Next up we have the New CP Catalogs!!

There’s lots of new clothing! Ninja clothing to prepare for the full release of Card Jitsu Snow in NCP, as well as some winter gear to keep your penguin warm during the holiday season!!

We also have some Ninja catalog items, make sure to build an awesome dojo so you can practice all 3 elements daily!

What do you guys think of the new furniture, music, and igloos? Are you excited for Operation Blackout and Card Jitsu Snow?  Comment your thoughts below!


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff

2 Responses

  1. AAAAAAHHH!!! I was searching for a post like this!!!!


  2. oh oh oh you can also get halloween ncp items in the back of the catalog!!!!!!!!


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