The Sub Zero Standard #3 [11/15/20-11/21/20]

Hey Ice Warriors!

Welcome back to the weekly Sub Zero Standard! Last week we got First place on the CP Army Hub Top Ten! That is absolutely amazing, and this week once again was filled with fun invasions, games and events. Keep reading for a recap of the week!


[AUSIA] Successful Invasion of Ice Box

AUSIA Max: 45

Our first event of the week was an AUSIA invasion, for the server Ice Box! Since it was free land, we were able to claim it effortlessly!

Divisional Practice Battle vs Island Invaders

Max: 51

For our second Sunday event, we logged on to CpArmies Alaska for a practice battle with the Island Invaders! Our two divisions, Blizzard and Polar fought viciously against the invaders and the battle ended in a…

Polar Victory!

Troop U-Lead

Max: 50

On Monday, we logged on for a troop u-lead! Although a tad chaotic as always, it was a lot of fun and everybody had a turn at displaying their best tactics!

Game Night & Morning

On Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, the Ice Warriors chilled and played some games! These included some old faves such as, Connect Four and our crowd-favourite Among Us! Later on, we also had some fun playing Dance Contest against each other!

Civil War: Troops vs Staff vs HCOM

Max: 64

On Wednesday, the Ice Warriors started a war! The army divided into three groups: the troops under Iceyfeet’s guidance, the Staff and the HCOM under Erick. Check out the post for a recap of some of the best and most creative tactics, for example, Orange’s E3 into E3 tactic. The battle was fierce and a lot of blood was shed. In the end, the winners were…

The Staff!

Warrior Showdown vs Fire Ninjas

Max: 59

A day later, we held a practice battle with the Fire Ninjas. The Ice Warriors split up into two fun groups: Team Sulley and Team Mike from Monsters Inc! The battle was a lot of fun, and there were plenty of movie references. The winners were…

Team Sulley!

Successful Invasion of Skates

Max: 52

For Friday’s event, we invaded the server Skates! Since there was no army defending it, we once again claimed a piece with ease!

[AUSIA] Practice Battle vs RPF

Ausia Max: 53

Our last event of the week was an AUSIA practice battle against our BIA allies, the Rebel Penguin Federation! It’s always a pleasure to battle against RPF and we had a lot of fun! The battle resulted in a win for the…

Rebel Penguin Federation!

Promotions, SMOTW & TOTW

This week started off with two exciting promotions to Second in Command, make sure to congratulate LemonadeSteph and IceQueen for reaching such a high rank!! They definitely deserve it, as they both work very hard to keep the army as awesome as it is!

The second promotions of the week were Abi and Roman! They both finished their SiT training and are now full members of the staff team! :Clap:

This week’s Staff Members of the Week was the amazing DrQueen! Not only does she lead our colony, but she is also a powerhouse in the Ice Warriors, attends all recruiting sessions and is always there to help!

Our Troop of the Week was the wonderful Audri! She has been attending almost all events and is super active on our main chat! Congratulations!! :eh:

Article of the Week

As a new addition to the Sub Zero Standard, we’re adding an Article of the Week! It’s all up to you! Vote for your favourite! 😉 Poll at the end of the post!!

A Day in the Life of an Ice Warriors Leader – DrQueen

Get To Know IW: Trusted Staff, Chris – Subster, Kally, Fusion

Q&A: Which Steph is the Real Steph? – DrQueen

CPR Clothing Catalog Cheats – Subster

IW Time Capsule: March Madness Semi-Finals – Fusion, Kally

Fan Art Friday #3 – IceQueen

Highlight of the Week

This week’s highlight was our Practice Battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation! Battles with big armies, such as the RPF are always fun, and they’re even cooler when it’s our close friends and allies! ❤ Hopefully we can battle again soon!

The Rebels and the Ice Warriors also made it to the Top 2 of the this week’s Top Ten! with just 0.09 points between us, it just proves how crazy strong both armies are 😉 Also, our colony, the Water Ninjas made it to sixth this week! Amazing job! ❤


What did you guys think of this week? Are you excited for next week? Remember to leave a comment down below! 

Make sure to check #events-information for our next events! ❤



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  1. This week went by so fast o.o
    Feels like only a couple days ago I was reading last week’s Sub Zero Standard post lol. This was another amazing week with IW 💖💖💖 my favorite event was the Civil War one, it was so much fun :3

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