IW Time Capsule: March Madness Semi-Finals

Tournaments take place multiple times a year, captivating the community over and over again. Among the likes of Legends Cup, Beach Brawl, and the most recent Fright of Fight, tournaments are an essential part of army life. With Christmas Chaos just around the corner, Kally and I thought it would be an amazing idea to take a look back at a pretty bizarre moment in both of our careers thus far in Ice Warriors. For this week’s Time Capsule, we will be taking a look back at the infamous March Madness semi-finals.

Back in March of 2020, the CP Army League hosted a tournament called March Madness in honour of a college basketball tournament that usually takes place in March of every year. The basketball tournament was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which also resulted in many of us finding our start in armies. The tournament was organised in brackets, and the Ice Warriors were the number one seed coming in. In other words, we were projected to win the whole thing due to our dominance leading up to the tournament.

Leading up to the battles, the IW server was at a whole different level of hype. Staff was constantly talking about how important these events were and everybody was excited to have this tournament commence. We wanted to prove once and for all that we were the best and with this tournament, we thought this would be the opportunity to do so.

To fast forward a little bit, we were able to advance to the semi-finals rather easily. The only army I really remember facing up until the finals were ICP or the Instrumentalists of CP who are no longer around. For the semi-finals on the other hand, we were facing our ultimate rivals, the Doritos. This was right before we ended up declaring war on them, but already during this time, there was bad blood between us and them, which we won’t be getting into today.

On the day of the semi-finals, the server was glorious to witness. Since this battle was huge, the server was on mass hype mode. Both us and the Doritos were maxing around 100 troops for this battle, making it incredibly close and intense. I remember being locked out for one of the rooms and there were probably 25 people there for each army. To put that into perspective, the most I’ve seen recently was somewhere between five and ten.

Then the fatal flaw: the rooms selected for the battle. The fight started inside the Mine. In this room, you will soon be able to see that we were able to take care of the chips pretty easily. This room was not the problem, as it only got worse from here. The second room selected for this insane battle was the Forest. Keep in mind, there was the Puffle Party going on in Club Penguin Online at this time, so the room was even more unusable at the time. Prior to this party, the forest was very rarely used, especially for a battle of this calibre. It was tight, very tight. Watching the video back six months later, I could only make out a few people who were actually in this room.

It was during this room where Kally and I were able to see ourselves as young troops in times of intensity. At the time, we were both low-ranking staff as we had just moved over from the chips following a huge fallout between a large number of us and DCP’s HCOM. Let’s just say, Kally and I moving over was the best decision that we had ever made.

Kally (formerly known as Kalsiluh) rocking her signature hairstyle

Fusion (formerly known as FusiionZ) showing off his CPO swag

The third (and what should have been the final room) was the Gift Shop. Yes, you heard that right, the Gift Shop was the third room in this battle. Although the gift shop was much larger during this battle, the inconvenience level was absolutely insane. We were all so confused and so annoyed that we were sent to this room of all places. This was another room that we believed we had won easily, so if you’re keeping track, the score should have been 2-1 in favour of the Ice Warriors, but this was not the case. We then went into not one but TWO overtimes in two even more horrible rooms which you will soon see.

We were logged on CPO for almost an hour, something that you would never see happen today. To spare you the details, I will go ahead and attach the video of the entire battle so that you all can see for yourself just how horrible the next two rooms were. By watching this video, you can make up your own mind about who you thought should have won the battle.

Following the battle, the semi-finals were announced a close win for the Doritos. You can just imagine the uproar in the CP Army League server! One of the main reasons for the overtime rooms were the claims that the Ice Warriors had entered early into the Stadium, one of the five battle rooms (10:08 in the video). So if you ever hear someone saying “xyz entered early!!!” said as a joke, you’ll know what they’re referencing. πŸ˜‰ Later on, the battle was invalidated, and we were able to re-battle for the trophy in August. We won those battles and the trophy, which was called the “August Sadness”.


Well, there you have it, folks. The battle that caused many of us to grow some grey hairs. The semi-final battle was absolutely insane and surely one that we will never forget. Let’s just hope something as ridiculous and heated as this will happen again. Fun fact: word on the street is the judges who judged this battle has not been seen judging since. What a shame.

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Here is this week’s trivia question! Who is this former IW Troop? Hint: They are in the Hall of Fame!!



Ice Warriors Trusted Staff


Ice Warriors Leader in Training

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  1. Is it Agent 11?

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  2. I thought I was being smart by watching the video and finding the penguin but for some reason it didnt have a name waaaa, anywho I have no idea who that could be but the event looked super fun!


  3. Best. Time. Capsule. Ever

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  4. plus i think the former guy is Firestar


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