Time Capsule: CPO Recruiting

Hello Ice Warriors,

If you spend enough time in any of the primary chat channels, and you may come across long-time IW members spouting phrases such as: “JOIN THE ICE WARRIORS OF CP AND MAKE NEW FRIENDS” or “JOIN THE ICE WARRIORS OF CP FOR FREE COINS”. Nowadays, they are likely used for a combination of nostalgia and ironic humor but go back far enough, and they served a different purpose, for a different time.

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IW Time Capsule: March Madness Semi-Finals

Tournaments take place multiple times a year, captivating the community over and over again. Among the likes of Legends Cup, Beach Brawl, and the most recent Fright of Fight, tournaments are an essential part of army life. With Christmas Chaos just around the corner, Kally and I thought it would be an amazing idea to take a look back at a pretty bizarre moment in both of our careers thus far in Ice Warriors. For this week’s Time Capsule, we will be taking a look back at the infamous March Madness semi-finals.

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