Throwback Thursday What was it like to be in IW in 2007?

Hello Ice Warriors! Today I’m bringing you some Throwback Thursday moments, dating all the way back to 2007! What was IW like back in the day? How did IW evolve into who we are today? Keep reading to find out!

As you all know, Ice Warriors was created in 2007 by our amazing leader and creator, Iceyfeet1234! But it wasn’t all as organized as it is in our discord server, nor were the sizes that big! I got to ask Icey a few questions about how Ice Warriors evolved and came to be!

IW vs FW vs Black Jackets 2007

Subster: What can you tell me about how armies were in 2007?

Iceyfeet1234: So back then we were kind of all over the place with sizes, like at the very beginning we would randomly get big sizes some days and then smaller on other days until we finally organized our website and were able to mobilize the army easier the website helped organize things better but we still didn’t have any type of chat yet until eventually, we created an xat and that was our primary way of communication.


Xat chat during an event

How has IW evolved over these 14 years?

Iceyfeet1234: we’ve definitely developed over the years, before the cpps era we restructured the website over time to make it more user friendly and contain a lot more info, we had new methods of recruiting and training for the troops and then once the cpps era started we moved to discord and accelerated even more from there.

As you’ve read from other posts being written during our anniversary week, the transition from xat and discord was huge! To summarize, it’s much more organized with many different channels and way more members as well. Our discord is currently at 22k members, whereas the IW xat chatrooms would have anywhere from 10 to 30 people online in one room.

Leading styles have also changed throughout the years! As some vets would remember, we couldn’t copy words from xat so you had to hand type all our word tactics out and wait for everyone to have them prepared. Events were much slower compared to today and there was much less creative freedom than there is now. Sizes were also a lot smaller back in my day (as of 2013-2014) big sizes would be considered the max of 15 or 20 penguins.

A little history on Xat

Club Penguin Armies first discovered Xat back in 2007, Ogalthorp (the creator of ACP) was one of the first to discover xat and bring his army over, which became the home base of all armies and became easier to chat with troops, plan events and more. Eventually, armies developed rankings like the ones we have today (2nd in command, Leader in training, 4th in command and so on) to keep everything more organized. A lot of our systems were transferred over from Xat to Discord but Discord is much more organized. With Xat you couldn’t add roles, only ranks such as member, mod and owner. Back in 2007, there weren’t any Club Penguin News Sites or chatrooms until 2009! Before that, ACP would post top tens back in 2008 based on size alone, rather than the top tens today which are based on the number of events, size and tactics.


I also asked one of our allied leaders, Ganger (creator of SWAT) who was also in armies back in 2007, how armies were running from his POV.

Subster: What were armies like in 2007?

Ganger: In 2007 the 3 biggest and most highly regarded armies were Nachos, IW and ACP. UMA also competing close with those armies. Involved a lot more rogues, although armies were big by themselves too it was a lot less organized

Subster: What was Icey like back in 2007?

Ganger: We didn’t know each other personally too much but he always was laid back and chill and I respected him for being loyal to IW throughout his whole career – something that personally inspired me to do the same for SWAT

Ice Warriors have inspired a lot of other armies to be created such as SWAT! Even though our army has changed so much and has seen many different generations of leaders, advisors, troops, and legends, we still strive to this day and totally kick butt with a couple of tournament trophies under our belts.

Which era of IW would you have wanted to be in? 2007, 2014, or our current generation? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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