Awards Ceremony Nominations

Hey there Ice Warriors!

First, we would like to thank everyone who came out to our anniversary party and celebrate with us! We hope everyone is having fun on our anniversary week. Secondly, either this upcoming Monday/Tuesday Ice Warriors will be hosting our Ice Warriors Award Ceremony, alongside the Hall of Fame (HOF) inductions. Down below are some awards that you can nominate any troop or staff from the Ice Warriors server!

Please copy and paste and write down the troop/staff’s name next to each award category that you wish to nominate! DM a Leader or Leader in training to send your votes in!

Ice Warrior’s Award Nominations

Your Discord name:

Best VC leader:

Funniest troop:

Funniest staff:

Karaoke God/Goddess:

Best Meme Creator:

Best Chat Hyper:

Biggest Simp:

Favorite Event Of The Year:

Most Wholesome:

Funniest IW Meme:

Biggest Clown:

Best Quote:

Most likely to be famous one day:

Most likely to have their kids in IW:

Most likely to ruin their sleep schedule for events:

The last day to submit your responses is, Sunday, June 6th, 2021 at 11:59PM PST

Please submit your submissions to a Leader (Kally, Law, or Erick) or a Leader in Training! (IceQueen, Lemonade1S, DrQueen or Dizzy)

4 Responses

  1. Your Discord name:Dave127

    Best VC leader:Drqueen

    Funniest troop:Trails

    Funniest staff:Krosive&Alucard

    Karaoke God/Goddess:Crazyflame

    Best Meme Creator:Hiro

    Best Chat Hyper:Trails

    Biggest Simp:ReddyRed

    Favorite Event Of The Year:Anniversery event

    Most Wholesome:Regan

    Funniest IW Meme:LawCrossiant

    Biggest Clown:idk

    Best Quote:idk

    Most likely to be famous one day: Iceyfeet1234

    Most likely to have their kids in IW:Lemonade1Steph

    Most likely to ruin their sleep schedule for events:One and only Franz


  2. Jesus christ delighted :DEAD:


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