Memory Monday: IW through the Anniversaries!

Howdy Ice Warriors  -Tips Hat-

Can you believe Ice Warriors (IW) will turn 15 in just two days? In America, IW would technically be old enough to obtain a learner’s permit for driving and go wherever it wants to go! However, IW has been going places since it turned one. It’s a blessing for IW to be one of the fewest armies out there who turns 15 this week and STILL continues to dominate the army community. Through the tournament, wins and losses, the wars, leadership changes, top 10s, and dominating maxes, IW, no matter, stays on top! We will honor IW’s 15th birthday by traveling back to the past and seeing how IW celebrated their anniversaries and went on!

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Throwback Thursday What was it like to be in IW in 2007?

Hello Ice Warriors! Today I’m bringing you some Throwback Thursday moments, dating all the way back to 2007! What was IW like back in the day? How did IW evolve into who we are today? Keep reading to find out!

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Q&A: Xat vs Discord

Why Hello there Ice Warriors, it sure has been a while, hasn’t it? Happy 14th Anniversary Y’all! 

The great week we are having, right? Summertime is closing in, Winter too in the southern regions. What better start for the week other than the Kickoff for the 14th IW Anniversary, which was held Sunday. Fun events await us in the future, but not only that, fun articles too.

This week’s Q&A article focuses on the old chatting method for armies, Xat. There are many of you that are not aware of this website, or might’ve heard faint stories about it… but today, we are going to go deeper into this old chat, and for that, we will be asking some of our dear IW Veterans and CP Armies Veterans too, How can we compare the two? Which one is better? Well, I’m just as curious as you are, so keep on reading and find out with me!

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